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Beginner Guide Facebook Lead Generation Ads - Funnel Secrets

Are you getting stuck with growing your audience to your business? Find out an alternative technique in our Facebook Lead Generation ads guide.

Gaining more customers is an essential part of a newborn business. There are many ways to expand your audience reach, especially in an era where any information can be easily accessed. Writing SEO content and promoting your landing pages with expensive advertising fees seems like a good practice.

But if you want to generate more leads for your business with optimized cost, you should check out Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

It is used popularly by small to large-scale businesses to obtain customer contact information, which they can utilize for their newsletters, follow-up calls, or sign-up campaigns. With a popup form and few questions, your customers can easily fill in their information while still on Facebook.

The problem is how to get people to fill in their information voluntarily?

Sounds impossible? No! Let’s our post reveal the secret to you!

What Is Facebook Lead Generation Ads?


Before getting to practice, it is essential to know what exactly this convenient tool is. Is it the same as other Facebook paid ads?

Facebook has an enormous number of users with over seven million brands worldwide that interact with their customers every day.

Therefore, for those who work as

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses
  • Startup owners
  • Or B2B brand establishments

Facebook is one of the most crucial platforms for finding potential customers and constantly interacting with them to improve your products and services. And there is no better way to maximize your audience reach than using Facebook ads.

Launched in 2015, Facebook Lead Generation ads have been developed and utilized by businesses that want to reach their customers digitally.

Facebook Lead ads are paid ads that appear on Facebook and Instagram users’ dashboards and stories. These ads allow you to create question forms where your customers can fill in the information you need for expanding your customer interaction.

Unlike other Facebook paid ads leading audiences to different websites, this tool allows audiences to interact completely on the Facebook dashboard. You can easily create creative forms that fit your customer range with customizable fields, smart UI design, and available desktop and mobile versions.

How Facebook Lead Generation Ads Improve Your Business

Facebook Lead ads have helped millions of businesses grow their sales while paying less for advertising costs.

When Nissan South Africa switched to Facebook lead ads, their lead increased 27 times than normal advertising. Mazda also benefits from this ad and gains five times more leads with 85% lower cost per lead.

All these statistics show that the Facebook Lead ad is a prominent marketing tool for improving your business’s interactions with customers. If you know how to work on your ad form to attract customers, this could be a game-changing step for your business.

So, How Does It Work?

Lead Generation Ads funnel secrets

The Facebook Lead ad is similar to other paid ads, allowing you to reach a potential target customer on Facebook and Instagram. It is a form with customizable features and fields. You can ask from email and contact number to other survey questions you would like to know from the audience.

You are also open to various choices of customizing your ad, such as form type, context card, thank you screen, target audiences, etc., to maximize your ads’ attractiveness. When it is broadcast, your potential customers can fill in the form and complete it while being on Facebook.

After receiving all the completed forms, Facebook will save all the information on your page to download it easily. Once all the needed information is available, you can create a tight connection with your customers by sending them newsletters, service information, and offers from your business.

You might wonder if it works pretty much the same as landing page ads. Yes, but no! It gives you much more than that!

Imagining you are a Facebook user, and you click on a landing page ad, it would take you about 3-10 seconds to load with a high-speed internet connection. On the other hand, Facebook Lead ads will only take one to three seconds for a popup form to show up right in their Facebook dashboard.

Facebook Lead ad is more interactive and flexible for your customers, as everything is done completely on Facebook. Thus, they increase the percentage of completion of the form. This instant experience is crucial for marketing content these days due to our low span of attention.

How Does Facebook Lead Ads Charge?

Face book Lead Generation Ads cost

It is a simple calculation. Take your ad spend divided by the number of leads you receive, and you will have the cost per lead. Although there is no exact number for paid ads, you can consider these factors when deciding a budget.

Your industry can affect the lead cost. For example, if you advertise for the Automobile industry, the cost per lead might be around $30 – $40. However, if the ad is finding subscribers for the eCommerce industry, the lead cost can only be $4.

Normally lead ads campaigns will be 50% less than normal Facebook landing page ads. Thus, you might want to lower the budget for lead ads compared to normal ads.

Another factor is offering products or services. A “Free book file” tends to have a much lower cost per lead than a “Talk to our customer service team.”

Therefore, you need to keep in mind these factors before setting up a budget plan to overpay or underpay the tool affecting the Lead ads’ result.

How To Gain Audiences With Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Many businesses have been using Facebook Lead Ads for their advertising on multiple social platforms. It is a powerful marketing tool that can boost your customer interactions at a reasonable cost.

You have learned what this tool can provide; now, it is time to learn how to make an actual ad. It is recommended that you run a few trials first to see how it works on your own business as the effect can vary among different industries.

How To Make A Facebook Lead Generation Ad

Facebook Lead ads are flexible with a wide range of features, fields, and customized settings to ensure that your ads can deliver your business’s message to potential customers. Here’s our guide to making a simple Facebook Lead Ad.

First, we start with creating a lead form for our customers to fill in.

Go to your Ads Manager and select the account you want to post your ads.

The ads library content will show up with a table containing campaigns, ad sets, and ad tabs. They are the campaign structure of Facebook.

Facebook lead generation  ads campaign

You will go through the campaign tab to give an objective and end goal of your ad campaign. In the ad set, you will define statistical settings such as budget, deadline, and targeting. You will give your ads’ content, visual design that will attract customers at the lowest level.

Below the tabs is a table with several fields name, delivery, bid strategy, budget, result, etc. This table will allow you to monitor all the lead ads status you make to make the different adjustments.

First, let’s start with identifying your campaign.

1. Look at the top-left corner and choose the Create button.


2. A Choose an objective campaign box will pop up with three categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Your Lead Generation will be in the Consideration column.


3. A Lead Generation box will appear below. Click on the Name Your Campaign.

4. In the Name Your Campaign section, you can enter the campaign’s objective, ad set, and ad. There is also an option for you to Skip ad sets and ads when you click on their boxes.

Choose Show More Options and choose the page you want to post your ads on.

After you have entered all information you need, click continue.


Now, you will move to a new window where you can start establishing your lead ad content.

1. Look at the Left column and choose your Ad set name. You can modify the settings of your ads to meet your expectations.


In the Page section, you might see a notification of Terms of Service Not Accepted. Choose View Terms to read about Facebook Lead Ads Terms and then select “I Agree to Terms and Conditions.”

2. Then, you need to specify your budget, schedule, audience, and placement.


There are two options of budget for you: daily and lifetime budget. You can move your cursor at the “I” symbol for explanation.


You can identify your potential customers through demographics, age, gender, and languages in the audience section. However, your audience age can only be from 18.

Then choose automatic placement, allowing Facebook to help your ads approach your target audience better.


Finally, you can start your ad content and design at the Ad level. Choose your Ad name on the right column.

1. At the Identity, you will choose which page you would like to post on both Facebook and Instagram.


2. At the Ad Setup, you can choose your ads’ different presentations: Single Image or Video and Carousel.


Then you can upload images or videos and input your ad headlines and descriptions. When creating your content, it is easier for you to review it on the actual stage of your ad on the right side.

3. After your design is looking nice and attractive; you can create a form in the Instant Form section.


4. A popup window will show you all the necessary steps for your customers to fill in the form. Choose your form type and write out the intro, questions, and completion screen for your ad form however you want.


You can see a setting tab in this popup window. In settings, you can change the form sharing option in the Form Configuration.

Field names and tracking parameters are useful for your data extracting file after running your ads for a while.


5. After you have filled in all information for your ad, you can choose to save the draft or publish the ads right away.

And your first Facebook Lead Generation ad campaign is set!

Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Audience Reach In Your Ad

Facebook Lead ad is a powerful tool for businesses to gain leads and audience interaction with optimized cost.

However, it is not a solution to all marketing problems. It would not work overnight with hundreds of leads if your ads are generic and irrelevant to your customer needs. You could fall into some marketing mistakes such as wrong customer target, ad objective, budget, or poor presentation.

If you have few experiences with Facebook ads, you may want to know some tips for a smart, concise, and attractive lead ad.

Give away lead magnet to exchange Something


This is the most common yet effective strategy in marketing. If you want to ask for something, you must give the other person a good reason to share their belongings. What else better than an incentive to show your gratitude for the information that your audiences share.

Some people would choose to offer 5-10% discount deals, but it is not effective as customers know it isn’t worth their contact information.

We recommend that you offer them free samples, documents or register an event as people love free offers, and they are more willing to give you their contact information to receive the gifts.

Be Straightforward And Concise

People like to be well-informed about what they are signing up for. Honesty and sincerity are the values that create high-quality leads to your businesses. Therefore, it is highly appreciated that you provide your value proposition first to your customers.

It would be best if you also introduced your company, services, and missions at the beginning of your form so that customers know who they are giving their information to. Moreover, it is observed that product images have a higher lead result than normal images.

Utilize Bite-size Contents

How long do you stay on a sponsored content? Probably around 5-10 seconds if it is exciting. Due to the rapid growth of news and information on social media, humans’ attention span is constantly shortening.

Research shows that desktop users tend to have 2.5 seconds for one content on a social platform. Mobile users have even less attention time, with only 1.7 seconds on average. This is an unfortunate fact and a challenge for any marketing content creators to create compelling content.

So, your lead ad content should be short, attractive, and compelling to your customers. The presentation should be clear, yet it can still draw focus on the products.

If you’re showing your products and services, it is great to choose the carousel mode for your ad setup. If you’re giving a brand message, it is better to go with a single image or a short video. This would give your customers more time to consider and appreciate the work you have created.

Ask Less, Show More

When your customers click the form, they wouldn’t want to be occupied for more than 5 minutes with a form full of questions. Facebook also shows that the more questions you add, the higher the customers’ dropping rate.

Therefore, it is important to keep your form simple and easy to be filled with less than 3 minutes.

Before sending the forms, you need to consider what crucial information you would like to gain from your customers, except for their contact information. Would you want to know their thoughts about the field of your business and how much is their need for your service?

Certain questions will be much more interesting for customers to answer. It will also show that you care about your customer’s feedback.

Choose The Right Audience

Finally, if you want to get a huge lead result, you have to shoot at the right target. There is no use if your ads show up on an irrelevant audience’s dashboard. Thus, when adjusting the audience, you should keep in mind these types of potential customers:

People near you type are a great option if you want to attract more customers near your store. Click on the location feature and choose a suitable setting for your store. This customer type is mostly used to schedule an appointment, invite events, or encourage them to visit the store.

Another type of customer is Lookalike audiences. This is perfect for your business to find more potential customers. This setting will sample your customers and find users with similar features.

If you want to target the people who have been subscribers to your newsletters or have submitted other forms, you can choose the custom audience set.

Example Of An Effective Facebook Lead Generation Ad

It may sound promising with all the benefits we have listed above about Facebook Lead ads, but it is not convincing enough for you. That’s why a real example is always better than a long chat.

We choose the case of Ladder, where they show a great result of leads when initiating their lead ad campaign promoting their services. The ladder is a full-funnel growing marketing agency that offers insights into the marketing strategies and plans. Here is their lead ad campaign:


They recorded outstanding results:

  • 249 leads generated at $12 cost per lead, 80% less than their other ads ($100).
  • 65 quality leads generated at $32 cost per lead, which is also 80% less than the usual rate.

In their ad campaign, several important notes give them a decent result.

First is their selection of audience range. As they had website visitors before, they chose the Lookalike audience option to approach similar customers. Besides, they also input more data in the detailed targeting boxes. Their described customers were marketing – oriented entrepreneurs.

After running the ad, they received almost a million audience reach in their chosen locations.

Secondly, a good presentation that attracts their audiences. A short, candid yet strong statement that shows their business values about advertising. A promising headline, “industry-leading marketing performance,” adds up to their credibility. At the end of the form, we have a call-to-action button: “Talk to a strategist.”

This initiates the curiosity and excitement of the customers in need to seek advice from this marketing agency that results in high click rates.

Lastly, as their campaign objective is to gain as much lead as possible, they focused on the lead form’s completion rate. Therefore, they decided to have only two fields: Name and Email for signing up. Thus, when customers entered the form, they would have no problem filling in their information.

At the end of the form, they also linked their website so that new customers could visit if they needed to explore more about Ladder.

After collecting the results, they admitted that they could have improved the question form more, but the result is satisfying enough, especially when it brings more leads with less cost than their normal landing page ads.


Expanding your customer range is an essential task for all businesses to acquire higher profits and position in their field. There are many marketing ways for entrepreneurs and business owners to find customers on digital platforms.

One of the most well-performed marketing tools now is Facebook Lead Generation Ad. Alongside developing the enormous social platform Facebook, businesses marketing strategies utilize the tool to approach their potential audiences by filling in question forms with their contact information.

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