Expert Secrets Funnel (Part 1) – behind the sense of underground playbook

In this year Russell Brunson (Founder – CEO of Clickfunnels and author of Dotcom Secrets Book) show the new book that calls Expert Secrets.

The book is very cool. More than 66000+ Books has been sold.

Click here to claim Expert Secrets book.

Today, I will show you Expert Secrets funnel – Behind the sense of underground playbook. Start open the secrets inside that now.

The information and images used in the article are provided by Russell Brunson in Funnel University. Trial Funnel University Free Now.


Now we are seen sales page Of Expert Secrets book in versions 1. The sales page has been creating by Clickfunnels software I think It very cool and pretty

Control Landing Page

Lading Page (Order form Step 1)

Landing Page (Order form Step 1)

In Order form step 1 They show you the awesome video to help you know what is Expert Secrets Book and Why you need that.

You can look on the page have a quote of Robert Kiyosaki

” Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This is One Of The Shortcuts Of The New Rich”

 If you Know Robert Kiyosaki before you will be interesting about this book. And the quote help increase conversion of the page

After that, for increase conviction. He shows you over 20 Case study.

over 20 People with over 20 different success stories and Niche. But they will have something in common.

expert secrets expert secrets expert secrets

People are used to consuming content in different ways so having different modalities is like grabbing each individual person and speaking to them in the way they understand best.

They used video for the people who like video, text for the readers, and images for those who are visual. They used all three communication styles – image, text, and video – for every success story

 CTA: At the end of all the success stories, we recapped the offer. We make sure people know there’s no catch and no continuity.

Then there is a big red button that says, “Yes! I Want A FREE Copy Of The Expert Secrets Book!” that shoots back to the top of the page where you can fill out our two-step order form

Expert Secrets Funnel: Order Form Step 2 of 

Step one of the order form has you fill out where you want the book shipped. On step two They pull out all distractions

Expert Secrets Funnel Expert Secrets Funnel

Order Form Step 2

There are three offers on this page. There’s the default which gives you the Funnel Hacker Blackbox for $37, or you can opt out of that and just get a copy of the “Expert Secrets” book for $7.95 shipping in US /$ 12,95 International everywhere in the world.

And upgrade order with a special offer $197  $37.

When you buy Expert Secrets books. They will introduce to you some offer can help you better.

Of course, when you receive their value you feel great and you want to go next step to get more and more value.

Look the bill right now:

$7,95 shipping (US) + $37 black box + $37 Special Offer = $81,95


$12,95 shipping (US) + $37 black box + $37 Special Offer =$86,95


That Awesome right?

You can see. The first when you see Expert secrets book on google, facebook or any advertisement we think we just pay $7,95 or $12,95 for shipping. But when we start to buy it.

We want to get more and more value from him and we can pay maximum $81,95 – $86,95.

Yeah!!! that works very well. The Good product + Good funnel = BUMP!!!

This Not Stop here.It’s only first Step of Expert Secrets Funnel. In the next article, I will show you inside the Funnel with many OTO Pages.(OTO = One Time Offer)

Expert Secrets Remarketing

What happens If you visit a page and you exit after that ???

Ha ha, you have been remarketing with the Facebook pixel. I think this is a good method you can be used with your product. It helps you increase conversion and sales. 

So I wish this article can help you something, and you will like this.

If you want more information about this book. Click here to read underground playbook review now

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