Expert Secrets Funnel part 2 – Other form and OTO pages

In Expert Secrets Funnel part 2 I will show you other form and OTO pages

As you know, Expert Secrets book was written by Russell Brunson is very cool. This is the best selling books. But the special is he giving away his book.

You just only pay smallest shipping cost ($7,95 in the US or $12,95 everywhere in the world) for that. 

So the question is why he does that? it’s too cheap…

Yes, I  know. The answer is he has a good sales funnel. So You can read my post with the title “What is sales funnel” to learn more about how it works.

And today I will show you inside funnel of Expert Secrets book. The secrets help him get more money from that.

Very cool…right?

Well, if you never read part 1 before you can read “Inside the funnel of Expert Secrets book (part 1)” here.

Before we start I want you to watch this video to get a better understanding of Expert Secrets Books


Expert Secrets funnel part 2 – Other form and OTO

Control average cart value

This is the magic metric. How much do you make for every free thing you give away? Their average cart value from this process before the funnel stack was $27.43, which was not bad.

That means they could spend up to $27 to give away a free book and still be profitable. As the started growing and expanding into colder traffic, they Simplifying the offer gave our conversion rate a dramatic bump from 9.34% to 13.9%.

I’d still like to get closer to 20% so we’ll be testing and tweaking some more, but we were excited to see such a big lift for the first test.

Note: the number on the post have been provided by Funnel University

Expert Secrets – The original order form

The original order form bump was confusing. We were giving away two courses for the price of one and we tried to explain a mouthful in a couple small paragraphs.

I think that’s why our conversion rate was so low at 9.34%. So we took out one of the two courses and simplified the copy. Here’s what our new order form bump looked like:


Expert Secrets book order form
 Order Form Bump

Expert Secrets book funnel – OTO #1

Expert secrets book oto


So again they asked their customer how they could simplify the offer. What people really wanted was the audiobook, so they changed the offer and said:

“Wait! Your order is not yet complete… Do you want the audiobooks at a HUGE discount? Plus get two unreleased audiobooks for FREE.”

Great right?

Again, they’re using the word “free” as many times as they can. Upsell page of them also has a video of Russell Brunson explaining the offer and a picture of the physical copy.

At the bottom of the page, they give the option to get the digital version for  $47, or the physical for $97. The third option is the price decoy where you can get both the digital and physical audiobooks for just $97.


Expert Secrets book funnel part 2

Then can you see countdown link? It’s amazing guys the remaining times => 10 minutes

Yes, only 10 minutes. and no link is very cool:”I don’t want the Audiobooks at this Huge Discount

Expert Secrets book funnel – OTO #2

The last piece of this new version of our funnel is one last  OTO. When Russell creating an upsell flow, he’s always wanting to give people the missing piece they need to get the success they want.

In our old version, they offered the Perfect Webinar Secrets course, but they pulled that out with the new offer, so he didn’t want people leaving without anything.

Are you want to join FREE WEBINAR REVEALS…

Weird niche funnel That’s currently making $17,947 per day!


How do you thing about this funnels ?

With me…this awesome. He helps me some idea to build my sales funnel and I very happy about that.

Let’s see the last OTO picture below

Expert Secrets OTO


Expert Secrets book Funnel map

If you want to get more detail of this book. So you can read Expert Secrets book review here

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