Content marketing challenge: Engaging with your audience (day 6)

Content marketing challenge: Engaging with your audience (day 6)
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So welcome to day number six of this seven-day sales lead generation challenges. Today is about engaging with your audience. By now you will have driven some visitors to your content and hopefully, it’s been well received. So now it’s time to continue that conversation with them through interaction.

Again, you make sure have read from Day 1 to Day 5 of series content marketing challenge before you start. That will help you know step by step what did you do.

So let’s take a look.

Engaging with your audience and get them interested in your content

Engage the audience – Content requires an after distribution care.

So on Day 4, we distributed our content. We got some traffic to it. And now people are interacting with it.

  • It’s critical to be responsive
  • Answer emails tweets and comments personally
  • Thank people that share your content as well.
  • Take criticism and feedback positively.
  • Where appropriate. Include casual call to action

It’s critical to be responsive you have to be there when people are commenting on your brand new content and you have to be engaging with them.

So answer emails tweets and comments personally and thank people that share your content as well.

Put aside an hour or maybe even 30 minutes if you’re extremely busy just to answer those few e-mails and tweets.

It really does make a big difference and people will engage with you even more and ask your question back.

And then you can start that conversation and post them to more relevant links on your website.

Remember to take criticism and feedback positively. No one wants to see you lose it in a massive rant on Twitter or on Facebook and that can damage your brand.

So have a 10-minute rule. If someone criticizes you and you feel a bit tense about it. Then take a break 10 minutes come back to it and think how could I propose a question to them that would help me create better content next time.

Where appropriate include the casual call to action.

So when you’re commenting back in e-mails and tweets. Why not add to your message something like if you like the video then please share it with your followers.

Thus a casual call to action and it allows you to leverage other people’s audiences.

And reward your best advocates with prices.

So for example:

Thank them for their loyalty and their support. Maybe give them a free t-shirt if you a t-shirt manufacturer. Or you know whatever it is that you could give away as a little thank you for spreading the good word about your product and service.

Just a thought here.

Content does have a life cycle so you can plan for a cut off point where your interaction is diverted to more important content.

That’s a bit fresher.

So I don’t think you have to continually do this. You know engage for the first week then roll it back a little bit and then probably drop it off unless it’s evergreen content.

It’s continually getting engagement over the next sort of month or so.

Action time – Start Engage with your audience

So it’s action time now. Time to go engage with your audience and put some time aside in your diary to be available.

People know when you were available. so they can engage with you in a more structured manner so that’s it for day number six.

I look forward to seeing you on the final day. Day number seven.

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