10 Email Marketing Tips 2019 – Get 98% open rate

10 Email Marketing Tips 2019 – Get 98% open rate
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Today, I’m going to share 10 Email Marketing best practices 2019 to help you to get better results in your email marketing campaigns, and these are tips that are coming from my own personal experience of doing email marketing. So make sure to stay tuned because you’re about to learn some awesome stuff right.

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So let’s get started alright.

10 Email Marketing Tips 2017 - Get 98% open rate | Email marketing best practices 2017

Email marketing best practices 2019 – Get 98% open rate

Email Marketing Tip #1: Send emails based on subscribers local time

Now, this is really important, and this is something that you have to set up in your autoresponder okay. Basically, it’s obviously important to send emails to your subscribers based on their local time. Because if you don’t do that, you can end up sending people emails around like midnight or just the time you don’t want to send those emails too.

So make sure to set that up in your autoresponder.

It’s different in every autoresponder. You can do that with Getresponse if you take a look you have that you know to send the message based on each subscribers local time check box. So you can just send that, you can check that and then it’s going to go out on every subscribers local time.

So it’s absolutely important. It helps a lot and it improves your open rates. That’s a big one.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Don’t overuse your subscribers name in your email

Okay, number two is don’t overuse your subscribers name in your email.

Now that’s really important. It’s like those things that you do and it’s special. But if you overdo it, it’s just going to end up being killing your emails. It’s just not a good thing, so it’s good to use it once in a while or for important emails okay.

So it’s really good to use it for important emails.

For example: In my case my first email, I’m using my subscribers first name you know “Hi first name”. So that’s like the only email in this funnel and this specific funnel that I’m using their name.

Because I want to make it special. I want to make sure that they open that first email okay. So that’s really important.

  • Again don’t use your subscribers name in your emails.
  • Don’t overuse it in the subject in body. You’re going to use it just don’t overuse it okay.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Use shorter and effective email subject lines

That’s really important and keeps your emails really clean and easy.

Now let me explain why this is really important. You need to think about what kind of experiences your subscribers are happening?

They open their inbox and they’re having to probably have 200 emails in there okay. They have a lot of emails and obviously, people are not going to pay attention and read everything in the email. So it’s a bit so when you have a short subject line, it’s not going to take them that long to read your email subject line.

And when that happens when it’s short and clean they’re going to open your emails okay.

It’s absolutely boring because think about it, they’re your prospects are probably getting hundreds of emails every day from different people. So when you keep it short and simple they’re going to end up reading your subject lines and they’re going to open it – if it’s interesting enough okay.

So keep that in mind: use short and effective email subject lines 

Email Marketing Tip #4: Follow the same theme in email in every email

This is something I do and this is something I’ve been doing for a while and it just works really really good. If when you get, when you have it then you have the same theme in every email that you send. People kind of start to keep and they open your emails more because you have a different style, you have a different way of doing things.

And if you take if you’re my list. I just send my emails like tha, I always have one picture in my emails and I use the same font. And I use the same kind of spacing template and all that stuff.

So it’s clean, it’s simple and I use the same theme all over my email okay.

Email Marketing Tip #5: First hundred characters of your emails body are important

That I don’t see a lot of marketers talk about it.

Because it’s either they don’t notice it, or it’s absolutely powerful that they don’t want other people to find out about it. This, especially for Gmail users and a lot of people, are using Gmail especially. I’m not sure about Yahoo or other email providers. But when you send out an email people are going to read it before.

People open it, they’re going to be able to see a part of your emails body okay. They’re going to be able to see a part of your emails body in their inbox before opening.

It let me show you what I mean. So this is an email for example

first hundred characters of your emails body are important

If you see you’re going to see subject line you know.And if you take a look at the text after that it says you can end up losing thousands of dollars in your ads. So If you run your ads and then it continues so that is the part.

I’m talking that’s like the first hundred characters and that changes based on your title. So based on your subject line. If you have it longer subject line you’re going to have this space with that okay.

So that’s why I just put  hundred characters. But yes so that’s the part I’m talking about. That’s really important you have. Because of that it’s really important to have a good store in your email, a powerful catchy start in your email body okay.

That’s the body of your email. When you have it powerful really catchy beginning in your body, people are going to read that.

People are gonna read that before they open your emails and that’s just going to help your open rates okay.

That’s going to help you to get crazy good open rates. So that’s really important first hundred characters of your emails body are going to show up in the inbox. Make sure to use that really and use that to your advantage.

Email Marketing Tip #6: Email every day to filter good and bad subscribers

This is something I do to make sure that I filter out my bad subscribers okay

I want people who are not opening my emails out of my list. That’s something you should I mean you might say “okay I don’t want to send as around emails every day because I don’t want to miss them off”.

Let me tell you something. If you’re providing good value and good content to your subscribers, people are not going to leave your list.

And that’s the people you want who are really your fans, to be in your list. You want people who are interested in your content to be in your list.

Because otherwise, you’re just going to have a list of people who are not opening your emails.

So that’s why sending out emails every day is going to help you. Because people who are not interested in your content are going to just unsubscribe and leave your list.

So you’re going to end up with a good effective email list okay. That’s how you filter your bad subscribers – send out. If you send out emails every day, people who are not interested in your content is going to leave your list and people who are interested are going to stay in your list okay.

Email Marketing Tip #7: Use a good email marketing service

I usually recommend Aweber, Getresponse, and MailChimp okay. I’m personally using a Getresponse. I’m starting to move to other more advanced options. But these are the best ones for the beginners.

Especially if you’re starting, best ones for you are these three Aweber, Getresponse and MailChimp okay.

Email Marketing Tip #8: Provide great content and value

It’s absolutely important to provide great content to value okay.

You want people to be in your list because of the value providing okay.

And you don’t want to be another marketer or another on a company who sends out spam emails, and… so you just want to make sure you provide great content of value.

So people are going to open up your emails and read your emails and engage with your content okay.

This is an important one.

Email Marketing Tip #9: Getting your subscribers involved with your business

This is really really powerful and it actually helps you to grow your business.

So what you do is you ask your subscribers to follow you, or your company, or whatever you’re providing a service to follow you on social media you know.

If you have a Facebook page, I ask them to follow you on facebook. Or if you have the youtube make sure to ask them to subscribe to your channel on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn – whatever you have.

So getting you get your subscribers involved with your business, the more you get them involved with your business. The harder it’s going to get for them to leave you.

Let’s say one of your customers just in your email list. But the other one is in your email list, but also in following you on social media like Facebook, YouTube.

The customer is following on social media on multiple you know, the places it’s very more valuable to you.

Because they’re more involved with your business okay. So that’s really powerful make sure to have them follow you all over the place not just a subscriber.

Email Marketing Tip #10:  Write short email copies with short sentences and large fonts

 This is something that I do a lot when it’s possible you know. Sometimes you cannot just have a short sentence obviously but then it’s possible, I try to write short email copies with short sentences and large font.

Just makes it easier because first of all then you have a short email copy. Just makes it easier because if then people see a long email they’re just going to end up not reading it.

They just don’t read it because it’s too long, they don’t want to invest that much time to read your email.

And that’s something I personally do and I see a long email, I just don’t read I just end up clicking on the link.

Whatever, yes I see what is the offer. Whatever they’re trying to send me. So write short emails, people are going to read most of your emails, and also short sentences.

It’s going to make it easier for them to kind of glance through it, instead of read it all like a newspaper or something okay.

So short sentences, captive spaces. It’s space between each sentence so it’s going make it in a small portion. I’s going to be easier for your subscribers to read your emails.

Also a large font. I’m not talking about huge fonts but larger than usual.

So these are my 10 of email marketing tips and tricks.

Guys so let me know if you have any questions okay. Like and share it with your friends and also click and check out the Getresponse service if you are beginning.

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