Email marketing best practices 2019: Why people fail in email marketing!

Email marketing best practices 2017: Why people fail in email marketing! I’m actually making this really short post to show you something really really important.

Because I’ve actually noticed this small mistake that a lot of marketers, even experts, even me. About like a few weeks ago I was doing the same thing, and I was making this mistake.

This mistake is the difference between making maybe a couple of thousand dollars a month and making hundreds of thousand dollars a month.

And it’s really really simple but a lot of people message.

The thing is this might be not relevant to some of you. Because a lot of people who are starting are not doing any email marketing.

So in case,  if you have a list and already sending emails every day,  every week or something like that. this is a something that you need to know. And if you don’t have a list but you’re planning to create one a list, build a list this is a post that you definitely need to see.

  Also if you don’t have a list and not planning to create a build a list, still see it. Because it’s just good to know all right, so let’s get started.

Email marketing best practices 2017: Why people fail in email marketing!

Email marketing best practices 2017

Why people fail in email marketing

Let me show you something really interesting so this is an email I received.

Take a look at this email I just want you to see it.

This email has a couple of issues that I’m gonna point out here and it’s really really critical. Because this is again difference between and making a couple of thousands of dollars a month, and hundreds of thousand dollars in thousands dollars a month.

And take a look at the content. I actually didn’t read this email for one important reason.

Because it’s just too small and too bulky. You see that you see the problem here it is just too small and too bulky.

Email marketing best practices 2017: Why people fail in email marketing!

I no one likes it, and I’m pretty sure they already know not a lot of people actually click on these stuff.

Because they’re just really complicated. I mean I look, I’m seeing this text and just don’t want to read it.

I just don’t like it but i want to show you really really good example and he actually is one of the best email marketers out there even big companies.

Email marketing best practices 2017: Why people fail in email marketing!


Clean, simple and small sentences are important when starting Email marketing.

I should’ve bought this course but anyways. So take a look at his email what I really really like about his email.

He is doing it really clean and simple take a look small sentences even.

I mean take a look his email has more words and this one right. But he’s just presenting it in a way that I like to read it because it’s simple.

Email marketing best practices 2017: Why people fail in email marketing!

you see these small sentences, clean and simple that’s how a good email should be.

If you want to send emails that are going to convert, you should send emails like this. And this is how I am sending my emails.

I mean if you are in my list and if you get my emails you see that I’m sending my emails exactly like this.

Small sentences, big font, just clean and simple.

That’s how you should do it, if you have a list and sending emails, or if you’re just planning to build a list.

Good storytelling ability – The key to success with Email marketing

Now another thing you need to understand is you need to have a good storytelling ability okay.

This is something that maybe some people have it naturally. If you’re like me and you’re not really good at it you should learn it from someone who does it.

You can read Dotcomsecrets book of Russell Brunson. He will show you how to write an email marketing with interesting storytelling.

If you go in his list you’re gonna see what I’m talking about exactly he knows exactly.

What’s up man if you want to learn email marketing really good because I learned it from him and I started to make over five thousand dollars in extra from just email marketing.

So if you want to really learn it from him I definitely suggest you to do that because it’s really cool so I’m sure, I’m going to leave a Dotcom Secrets book here.

So you can check it out for yourself you know.

It’s just going there and see it for yourself anyway.

That is pretty much it let me know if you have any questions again.

Make sure to like this post, comment if you have any questions share it and bookmark my website to get more tutorial about Affiliate, sales funnel or Email marketing.

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