Content Marketing Challenge: Publishing and distributing your content (Day 4)

Content Marketing Challenge: Publishing and distributing your content (Day 4)
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Publishing and distributing your content. So welcome to day 4 of this seven-day sales lead generation challenges. Today is about marrying up the day number two and three. In Day2, You created some great content. And on day 3 we created a landing page for that content. So today is about publishing and distributing your content to get traction and get visibility for that content.

Getting you exposure for your great content. Again, you make sure have read from Day 1 to Day 3 of series content marketing challenge before you start. That will help you know step by step what did you do.

Now let get started


Calls to action for all content

Remembering all your content must have calls to action that steer your reader to the next logical step in your conversation. So when publishing ensure that your content has a call to action.

Call to action all content

Because without that you’re never going to convert strangers to prospects. It’s like giving them a free report.

And It was to let anyway steer your readers down through your sales funnel with a call to action. That is the next logical step.

For example:

  • You could be interested in learning more.
  • Download our e-book.
  • Sign up to this 30-day course on X Y Z for delivering daily emails
  • Request a free consultation about X Y Z to discover how your business can benefit.

They’re all cool to actions. So within your content, your video, your infographics, your blog post whatever it is.

Ensure that you have a call to action that points that person to the day a catch of for.

Owned distribution channels

So we need to distribute our content and we have three different channels to do that.

First is our owned distribution channel. That’s your shop, your point of sales.


You have your own website. So you could promote your new content on your homepage. Or if it’s a downloadable e-book.

Maybe you could promote the unbound landing page via your homepage.


You also probably have a blog. So you could definitely put a blog post in support of this content that you’ve created.

Social media

And again point them through to your unbalanced landing page and you probably have social profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook.

Content marketing - social media

So think about publishing a link to your unbound page and driving traffic to that unbalanced page in that way.

Earned distribution channels

Distribution channel number two is your earned distribution channels.

Mainstream blogs

content marketing - blog

These are mainstream blogs.

So for example: Are you a columnist of a foodie blog or do you write for an online magazine? I write for a couple myself and it gives great visibility to industry peers.

And normally in the author citation right at the bottom, you can create a link.

So put a link to your unbound landing page that drives more clickthrough

For example, use guest posting.

Guest posting

Guest posting - content marketing

Are people asking you to write for them on their behalf on their blog? Does their blog have a good audience?

Could you leverage some of that audience for your own content piece? And again push them through to the unbalanced landing page.

Guest interviews.

Could you interview other people about your content piece? Will they distribute it through their own channels for doing?

That would earn you some audience leverage from that existing guest interview.

This is an example  guest interview of Russell Brunson and Tonny Robbins about Expert secrets book

And you’ve also got paid distribution channels. So this is the best channel for optimizing and targeting you’ve got.

paid distribution channels - marketing funnels

For example:

  • Promoted tweets
  • You’ve got Facebook ads.
  • Stumbleupon and Reddit

Loads of options including Google AdWords and all these pay distribution channels.

Now, we use Facebook ads and promoted tweets at the new edge to drive engagement with the seven-day series.

They work really well.

They’re a low cost per click and you can really target them down by demographics, by geolocation, by interests.

So all of these things, you can choose and select through the ADD platform to really narrow down that audience you want to promote too.

If that LinkedIn you can go one step further and say what company people work for what job role they have.

And really get the exact audience you need for your content piece.

So have a think about how you could use a bit of paid advertising to promote your content we made on day 2.

Action Publishing and distributing your content now

start action nowAction Publishing and distributing your content now

The time now is time to go and publish and distribute your content. Choose where you’re going to publish your content.

Then use those distribution channels your own, your earned and your paid distribution channels to drive prospects to that page.

Make sure it’s got a call to action on that unbalanced landing page in your capturing data in exchange for that content.

So that’s about it. I will see you on day 5.

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