Content marketing challenge: How To Create Content For Website (Day 2)

Content marketing challenge: How To Create Content For Website (Day 2)
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Welcome to day number two of this seven-day sales lead generation challenges. Today we’re going to create content. And we’ll learn over 20 different types of content you can create easily. Again I want to say this series is for newbies and intermediate marketers/business owners that want to generate sales leads through digital marketing.

It is probably not for you if you’re looking for more advanced tactical digital marketing methods. You will probably own a business or be responsible for generating sales (i.e. new business development or Marketing Department). Or you may be thinking about starting a business and would like to understand what’s involved in generating sales leads.

So I highly recommend you reading step by step from day 1 – day 7. If you never read Day 1 before, you can read day 1 challenge that calls Audit website.


 How To Create Content – 2 Pieces Of Excellent Content For Your Website

Content links to sales funnel

Before we do that we need to understand our sales funnel. Our sales funnel ranges from awareness, interest, and evaluation.

  • Where the person’s a prospect to when they turn into a client
  • And where they have sales interaction satisfaction and retention cross-sell, on upswell.

Then they turn into a brand advocate when they’re actually shouting about our product and service through word of mouth.

Content Link To Your Sales Funnel

Now content changes throughout this sales funnel there needs that audiences need change throughout this sales funnel.

For the purpose of this seven-day challenge, we want to feed the top of the sales funnel that’s awareness, interest, evaluation, and selection.

So have a think about what content would help solve your audiences challenge. How you can then create content to help them solve that challenge

And remembering at the end of each content piece be, it a video, a podcast or a written blog post.

We want to add a call to action which signposts them to a conversion page. That allows us to capture some data and take them from a stranger into a prospect.

20 different examples of content

So I’m going to go through over 20 different examples of content you can create, and I want you to just select two different content types.

We’re going to use an example of a luxury safari holiday company here.

20 different examples of content

Select 2 different content types.

  1. Articles: We could create articles for them how to protect yourself against malaria while on safari for example.
  2. Blog post: We could create some blog posts. So latest animal sightings at safari lodges news on camps and lodges ideas for romantic safari holidays. The list is endless in blog posts, Or we could create some blog posts.
  3. Case studies: We could create some case studies testimonials from customers. It could even be a video testimonial from customers while they have been on holiday.
  4. Cheat sheet: Create some cheat sheets. So for example animal spotting Chichis what a tiger looks like what a leopard looks like. These can all be Chichis.
  5. Checklist: We could create a checklist. So have you packed the right things for your safari holiday?
  6. E-book: Create an e-book all about the wildlife in Kenya with fantastic photography
  7. Emails: We could use email to learn more about the endangered animals of Botswana.
  8. Infographics: We could create a really cool infographic with facts about cheaters or facts about monkeys or facts about anything to do with Safari holidays.
  9. Kits: We could create some kits, so this is travel packs. For example to keep kids amused while flying in real time. 
  10. Definitive guides: We could create definitive guides so this is more learn the ins and outs of wildlife photography in a definitive guide.
  11. Landing Pages: We could create some landing pages to download our guides on each destination, for example, Kenya in Botswana.
  12. Microsites: You could create a microsite which is all about African cooking with a list of recipes and dishes from around Africa.
  13. Podcast: Of course you could use a podcast. So for example walking with our resident safari guide is a journey through the seasons of Africa.
  14. Reference guide: There could be a 12 part series we could create reference guide. So, for example, a local language reference guide for your chosen destination.
  15. Slide shares: We can create presentations on SlideShare, for example, a gallery of a luxury lodge in Kenya.
  16. Surveys: Create surveys, what animals are you most likely to see on your holiday.
  17. Templates: We could also create templates so for smaller children this could be animal coloring in for example.
  18. Videos: And of course we can use video. Introduction videos for each country with stunning video or graphics.
  19. Visual Contents: We could create visual content image galleries of amazing wildlife photography landscapes and people enjoying their holidays.
  20. Webinars: We also use weather cars to meet the safari guides. Before you go this could be a monthly webinar to meet the guide and chat with them.
  21. Whitepapers: We could use white papers to show a study on how tourism helps local communities build a better future.
  22. Workbooks: And we could create a workbook.

…That a lot

Well actually I’ve run out of ideas there and it’s not that relevant for a safari company but that’s right you don’t have to develop every type of content.

I just want you to select two from that list. It’s a lot there and you can really easily create any one of those content pieces in around 2 – 3hours with probably the exception of video that’s going to take you a little bit longer to film it.


So it’s action time. Now is time to go and create those two pieces of content. Remember to focus on helping your audience solve their challenge through your content. And I’ll see you in day number three.

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