What is content funnel? Have you ever heard about it?

Imagine, you have a great product, service, people want to buy. But there is no way for your customers to pay.

Similarly, your content is the same. Even attractive content will not be able to convert if your customers can not find it. Can not read, can not share, can not sign up, and eventually learns about your products or services.

Selling your product or service with Content Funnel are: Creating valuable content, engaging readers, and the way for sales.

So how to create a system like this?

I call it content funnel

What Is A Content Funnel?

Great content attracts traffic, but it takes a lot of effort to create that content.

You certainly do not want your visitors to read once and never come back? Are you thinking that people coming to your site are potential customers?

Theoretically, it is true.

All may be your customers.

  • They read the content
  • Decide to go deeper by learning about the product or service you refer to in that content.
  • They go forward, decide to buy, they become customers. 

There are already some conversions, they buy your product or pay for your service.

Your goal is to have a clear strategy to guide your potential customers through this sales funnel.

There are many different ways to solve this problem, but what I’ve been referencing from Razorsocial and talking about in this article are People – Relationships – Inbound Traffic – Subscribers & Social Retargeting – Monetization. This is a shortened framework called PRISM.

PRISM-conversion-funnel - content funnel
(Source: RazorSocial)

Here’s how it works:

  • P – for everyone: First you need the content reader. If people are not aware of you, everything else becomes meaningless. No one reads, no one digests what you write, no one registers or buys your product.
  • R – for the relationship: We usually buy from people we trust. A great way to start a relationship is to provide value to your audience as a free, engaging content.
  • I – for incoming traffic (for traffic sources): If it is valid, people will come to it. If you share valuable content on social media, people will visit your site where the action will take place.
  • S – for subscribers and social media remarketing targeting: Most people will not buy at the time they first visit your site but do not lose them. Try to get their information, keep in touch with them via email and social networking.
  • M – for money: When you have subscribers in your funnel, you can make money from them.

Build Relationship With Content

Imagine, you have created a great content, you tried promoting it (SEO, Advertising) … Then people find, read and share it for others.

If you provide value to someone and attract them.

They will feel at least a relationship with you, with your brand. Everyone knows about you, respect you.

If they find your content useful, take a look at that there are no “ads” in it.

This will inspire the level of trust they will provide you. With complete trust, they will provide you with their email address or follow you on social media to add your content.

It is a communication channel.

“Nurture this relationship” by providing more value to your audience with compelling, consistent content and continued build-up of trust.

There will be two things going on.

  • First, if you provide value to someone, at some point they will want to repay you. They will buy your product or at least like and share your content.
  • Second, when trust increases, they are more likely to buy from you. There is no reason not to believe that your product is brought high value for them while they have received a lot.

But how to actually sell?

Creating A Potential Customer through Sales Funnel And Help Them Sign-Up

First, convert the audience into a potential customer. Then continue building relationships by offering more value before you sell them. 

For example: Offering a free trial or discount to try out your product.

There are several ways to convert audiences into leads.

1. Lead Magnet.

A Lead Magnet is a downloadable content, such as an eBook, report that you provide in exchange for the email.

2. Email marketing

Email is still the most effective marketing channel.

According to a study from the Direct Marketing Association of England (DMA), email has an average ROI of $38 /$1 spent. In fact, up to 20% of companies are generating more than $70 of profit per $1 they spent.

content funnel - email marketing map

Of course, not everyone subscribes.

But actually, they are on your site and read your content to build awareness of your brand.

Unregistered people are ideal candidates for remarketing. You can use Facebook or Google to remarket to those people.

Getting Started Content Funnel: This Is What You Need

 All of these things seem complicated but remember – building a funnel of different activities, many small pieces.

 Here is a list of the simple steps, tasks, and tools you or your team need:

  • Content creation: No content, no traffic, no brand awareness, no belief, and no leads.
  • Optimize content funnel: For each piece of content you offer, optimize your content so that you can get more organic traffic on your social network.
  • Promote content: If no one knows about it, no one will read it. Learn how to build relationships with influencers, how to optimize content for social sharing, what is the best time to send your email newsletter, etc.
  • Advertising: To effectively target your audience, you need knowledge of advertising tools such as Facebook advertising, to be able to write the best ad copy, and optimize your campaigns for the highest ROI. may.
  • Social communication: There must be interaction to build relationships. Social media is the place to perform that interaction.
  • Sales funnel Conversion Tracking: No one wants to be leaked – and you’ll never know you have measured the funnel.
  • Marketing Tools: Know which tool best suits your needs, giving you the edge. Take the time to learn how to set up and use them.
  • Email Marketing: The nurturing of potential customers requires that you use the best Email Marketing service provider possible. Find out which one is easy to use. I recommend using Aweber (Affiliate link)
  • Payment Platform: For sales, you need a platform for accepting online payments like Paypal, Stripe, ClickBank, JVzoo.


Each content marketer needs a funnel of content and can be effective. Design, construction, and optimization require constant testing and improvement.

In addition to creating compelling content, to perfect the content funnel, you must pay attention to constantly research and adapt to reality.

Good luck!

Do not forget to share if this content is valuable to you or to somebody.

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