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Affiliate marketing for beginners with Clickfunnels affiliate program

Clickfunnels affiliate program will help you make money as an affiliate. They have Free training for people who are a beginner that call Affiliate Bootcamp training. The Affiliate Bootcamp is full of advanced marketing strategies and it’s completely FREE! In this post, I will show you the first formula you need to ask yourself before starting a business online or start making money with affiliate marketing,…

I highly suggest you order a copy of the DotCom Secrets book if you haven’t already. It teaches you tactics not covered in the boot camp. Join affiliate Bootcamp training for FREE

Affiliate marketing for beginers - Clickfunnels affiliate program

Who is your dream customer?

Dream customer - customer insight Funnel secrets

If you are trying to sell ClickFunnels as an affiliate. Russell has said his dream customers are authors, speakers, and coaches. So those are the people he wanted to attract to ClickFunnels with his book Expert Secrets.

So far he has given away over 60,000 copies of his book. But there are many more people out there that could use ClickFunnels.

Since this funnel model worked for Russell, it will definitely work for other authors, too.

If you want to get started right away on your journey to retire in 100 days, authors are the perfect customer group to focus on.

They usually have a public presence – meaning you can connect with them on social media, blogs and by email. Successful authors also have some comfort level with technology – after all, they write their books sitting at a computer.

However, it is safe to say our target audience of authors wouldn’t consider themselves an expert with technology and definitely don’t know how to write a line of code.

With this in mind, ClickFunnels would be a great solution for them since it is built around a beautiful drag and drop editor that is really easy to use.

Where are your dream customers?

where is your dream customer - clickfunnels affiliate

Now that we have a plan to help authors sell more books and merchandise with funnels. We need to find out where they hang out. The first place I looked was – it is the largest marketplace for books with thousands of professional and amateur authors.

A quick Google search and I found that Amazon keeps a list of the 2000 most popular authors on their platform.

It’s called Author Rank. This is like a goldmine of information since authors are our target audience!

You could go through and make a list of the authors, their books, and their websites. I am currently working on building out a list of the top authors on Amazon and would be happy to share this with others.

My dream customers (authors) are primarily on Facebook. There are over 100 Facebook groups and pages for authors.

While I will be targeting them with Facebook ads. These Facebook groups will help me learn more about them and hopefully build a relationship with them.

Join affiliate Bootcamp training for FREE

What bait are you going to use to attract them?

funnel hacker cook book

My target audience is established authors that want to sell more of their current books and make extra money outside of Amazon.

Since I know the Free Plus Shipping funnel has helped Russell sell over 60,000 copies of his
Expert Secrets book, I am going to create a product launch video series that introduces authors to the funnel concept.

The title I am considering is “How to Sell 60,000 Books without Giving Amazon a Single Cent!” Amazon takes a commission from each book sold of anywhere from 30 to 65 percent.

Many authors could easily increase their revenue from each book sold just by selling their books in a funnel outside of Amazon.

Where are you going to take them? During the video series, I am going to show authors how to create sales funnels that will help them increase revenue outside of Amazon.

I am going to use funnels as an opportunity switch from their current strategy of selling only on Amazon.

Using case studies and statistics.

I am going to show authors that their current readers and customers are begging to give them more money if they would let them.

At the end of the video, I will give them a free share funnel. So, They can use to get started with ClickFunnels.

 clickfunnels affiliate program - affliate marketing for beginners

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