Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Review – Get Your Dream Car

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program - affiliate marketing for beginners

If you have read the Funnel Secrets Blog, you might know I’m an affiliate of Clickfunnels. Today, I will introduce with you Clickfunnels affiliate program review to help you understand what I do, the program I have joined.

As an affiliate, you should attend a good program.

Because it helps you save your time and money. Also, they help you make money as well.

Now, let go deep into it.

Clickfunnels Affiliates Overview

  • Name: Clickfunnels Affiliate Program
  • Sign-up and log in:
  • Sticky cookies: Yes
  • Commission: Upto 40%
  • Group Support: Yes
  • Affiliate Tools: Yes
  • Competitive: Normal
  • Clickfunnels Affiliate Training:

What Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?

If you try to make money online as an affiliate.

The first thing you need to do is pick a good product and promote it.

If you familiar Clickbank, Jvzoo, Cj,… they have included a marketplace contain a lot of different products.

And you can saw some variables like gravity, commission, sales page,…and decision promote or not.

You want to promote a good product because it helped you save money and time to build your system. But, it’s not easy for beginners. High gravity or pretty sales page that not mean the product is good and easy to promote.

Now, I would like to introduce to you another program to help you make money as an affiliate. That is Clickfunnels.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a funnel builder software that helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and other marketers created their funnel to generate leads, purchase funnel, create a webinar,… easily without design or code experience.

Today, I talk only about affiliates. So you want to get more detail about click funnel, you can read Clickfunnels review here.

How do I know this is a good product?

In 2017, they have over 40000 active users, this is a cool number. They also have so many successful affiliates promote their product like Tai Lopez, Peng Joon, Stephen Esketzis, Robert Kiyosaki,… So this is the reason why I think this is a good program for me and you.

Russell Brunson - Clickfunnels active users
Clickfunnels has over 40,000 active users

Note: “The good program” which means they have good products for people, have support, training, tools,… for affiliate and most marketers promote it. It’s not mean easy to promote and make money.

The Product You can sell in Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels have a lot of products out there.

If you want to promote any products, the first thing you need to know is what you’re selling. I normally buy it first and use it as a customer. There are 2 benefits:

First: I understand what I selling, what I like, and dislike then I have special advice for my readers, my followers to help them get a good product that works in their business.

Second: Why someone buys it from you if you’re never using it before? – Please don’t be lying.

I was sick with a lot of people they always focus on selling the product like it awesome, easy to use or really good bla…bla. One day I realize they never use it in their business or in their life.

It’s not true or false. But imagine, you bought a product to help you lose weight from others because you believe if it can help them so you can too.

One they, you realize they lose weight because they do exercise or something different the product (ebook, video, supplement,..) that they introduce to you. So what do you feel?

In the affiliate area, you can see they have a lot of products there. Most of them are FREE. So you may try it first before you promote it.

clickfunnels affiliate member area

That is my advice. But I know some of you are beginners, so it takes you a lot of money if you buy them. This is the reason why I write review all of it on the Funnel Secrets blog review. You may read it to get more detail about the Clickfunnels products.

Their product includes:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Dotcom Secrets Book
  • Expert Secrets Book
  • Funnel Hacker Cookbook
  • Marketing Secrets Blackbook
  • Funnel University
  • Funnel Graffiti
  • Marketing In Your Car
  • Funnel Fridays
  • Perfect Webinar Scripts
  • Funnel Hacker Tv
  • Software Secrets


There are 2 things with Clickfunnels affiliate commission:

_ Free Products:

  • When someone sign-up or get a Free product like marketing secrets Blackbook, funnel hacker TV or Funnel Fridays, you receive $0 (because it’s FREE)
  • But, if people get the Free & shipping like Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Funnel hacker cookbook,…you still get $1

_ Core Products:

  • 40% Monthly Recurring commission with Clickfunnels software.
  • Also 40% Yearly Recurring commission with Funnel Scripts.
  • And 40% commission with all of their product in any sales funnel
Expert secrets affiliate commission of clickfunnels program
Expert Secrets Book Commission

My recommendation: If you have a system or experience in selling the product as an affiliate, you may sell it and make your money. It’s good, but I think you should start with the FREE offer because

  1. It easy to help people sign-up
  2. Sticky cookies (I will explain it later)
  3. Clickfunnels also retargeting people who visit their website. So if people buy the product later, you still get money.
  4. Create value for the audience, generate leads, more people sign-up you have more chance to make money

Clickfunnels Affiliate Sticky Cookies

The Sticky Cookies is one point that makes Click funnels affiliate program different from others.

For example, people click your link and sign-up on their phone (like Funnel Hacker tv or Funnel Fridays) at the company. When they go home they’re buying the product on their computer.

In this case, normally you do not have money, right? But with Clickfunnles, you still get the money.

It so amazing and fair with affiliate marketers.

Not only that, if someone clicks the link to Dotcom Secrets, after that they buy another product like Funnel Hacker’s cookbook. You still get money.

It feels like a “passive” affiliate commission. So to help you understand how sticky cookies work, you can watch the video below:


How To Become A Clickfunnels Affiliate

Step #1: Click here to visit the login page

Step #2: On this page, you scroll down at the end. In here you have 2 choices

  1. Already Clickfunnels users: Click on the left button to log-in to => Click “My Account” at the right on the top => Click Affiliate.
  2. Not Clickfunnels Users: Click on the right button “Become An Affiliate Now
Clickfunnels Affiliate program login

Step #3: Fill out your information. In the tax ID section, if you’re not in the US so you can skip it.

Clickfunnels member area login

Now, you already have Clickfunnels Affiliate account and you can get the link then make your money.

Clickfunnels Affiliate tax form

After sign-up your account. The other thing that is very important that you need to do to earn your commission is to submit your tax form.

Warning: If you do not submit, you can not receive your money when you have commissioned.

When you log-in to the affiliate dashboard, they will notice that you must submit tax form. So you can click on it or visit

Clickfunnels affiliate tax form

There are 3 tax forms: W-9 for US Affiliates, W-8BEN for International Affiliates, and W-8BEN-E for International Affiliates Entities.

If you’re in the US so you could submit W-9 Form. But if you’re in another country like Australia, Canada, Indian, Singapore,… you need to submit the W-8BEN form.

They also have a video to explain it to you, so you can watch it here:


After submitting the form, they will send an email to confirm it. It takes from 2-3 days of business.

Clickfunnels affiliate program confirm tax form

It’s done! Now, You can focus on making money with the Clickfunnel affiliate program.

What’s your dream car contest

To help the game more interesting they’re creating the contest that calls “What’s your Dream Car”

In this contest, when you have 100 Clickfunnels active users, they will cover the payment on your dream car.


So, how it works?

  1. As soon as you will have 100 Clickfunnels member, You can then go lease this car, and then send them proof that you got it…
  2. After that, they will send you $500 Per Month Towards Your Lease Payment
  3. When you have 200 members, they increase it to $1000 per month to help you reimburse your payments on your dream car!

To get more detail about Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Dream Car Contest, you can click the link below to read the rules:

See rules for Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest

The good news is most peoples have success with Clickfunnels. And the question is “Are You Next?”

Clickfunnels affiliate winning car

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Now you already have an account and know all the cool things when we join the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

But, the big problem with most affiliate marketers is “How can we do that?”

I don’t want to say this but it’s really hard (with beginners).

If you’re a beginner, you don’t have any experience or skills like SEO, Facebook Ads, Youtube, Email Marketing, Sales Funnel,…What can we do?

Learn it!

Yes, I know the word like learn or study is not sexy and boring…But you have no choice.

The different of Affiliate and Super Affiliate is action. Keep in mind, you must always to learn new things, practice then take action and repeat until you have succeeded.

This is the reason why they create the training to help you save money (to buy the affiliate course) and time that calls Affiliate Bootcamp.

Clickfunnels affiliate program training has been designed you people who are beginners or already affiliate but still not making money.

The course focus on the sales funnel concept and uses Facebook Ads to drive traffic. It has 13 videos corresponding to 13 days. They give you all foundation and what you need to do next.

I also write the review of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp here so you can read it to get more detail.

Clickfunnels Avengers (affiliates Group Support)

The last thing to help you get the best result is clickfunnels affiliate group on Facebook. Click here to join Clickfunnels Avengers Group.

Clickfunnels avengers affiliate group

They have over 47k members there. So if you have any question, you can post here and they will help.

And I think you don’t want to be ban. Make sure to read the rules of the group first. It’s very simple ” No sell, no generate leads”

Clickfunnels affiliate program vs wealthy affiliate

 Click Funnels AffiliateWealthy Affiliate
Tools and resourcesYesYes
Affiliate Program TrainingYesYes
Sticky cookiesYesNo
Retarget from VendorYesNo
The training focusSales Funnel and Facebook AdsSEO
Paid MembershipNoYes
Product Guarantee30 days money-back guaranteeNo
Newbie friendlyNoNo
OthersUpdated…WA promoters always call everything a scam

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Q&A

If you have any questions, you can comment below I will be updated the answer on my blog soon.

1. Can I buy the product through my affiliate link and make a commission?

** No, you can’t. There will be NO commission payment paid on the Personal user.

2. How long to get paid commission payment

** First, you need to have at least $50 and commissions are paid after 30 days (45 days with clickfunnels software: 14 days free trial + 30 days money-back guarantee) that they call “cooling off”. And the commissions have been paid on Wednesdays.

3. I don’t have a PayPal account, so how can I get the money?

Clickfunnels Affiliate program also pays at the end of the month with the account that has check type at payment option. But in my opinion, you should create your Paypal because of its convenience.


Clickfunnels Affiliate program is great for you who want to make money online is affiliate marketing. So my commendation is you should join affiliate Bootcamp and get the Dotcom Secrets book to understand how the sales funnel works.

I know it’s not easy for you.

Sometimes your lead magnet or your message does not connect with your audience. And your sales funnel doesn’t work.

Keep do it, try new things, learning, testing until you have succeeded.

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