Expert Secrets Book Review: The charismatic Leadership and Attractive Character (Secrets 1)

Secret #1 in Expert Secrets book is talking about Charismatic Leadership and Attractive Character. And today I will share with you the benefit in this section

This is a review of Expert secrets book. So it’s not enough for you.

So, you can get Free the book to get all the value inside that.

Before we get started, I need to share something that might seem a little backward at first, but it is one of the keys to sharing, and monetizing your message.



Expert Secrets Book Review – Russell Brunson – Secrets 1

3 things in common that helped the leader build a mass movement.

When Russell Brunson started on this journey, he realized that if he was going to have success, he needed to focus first on building an audience of people.

He could share the message with.

And He wasn’t sure where to go, or how to do that. So Russell started studying historical figures, who had built huge audiences and caused big changes.

And Russell I found had three things in common that helped them build a mass movement.

charismatic leadership

  1. They each had a charismatic leader or an attractive character.
  2. Each of them focused on a future-based cause that was bigger than themselves.
  3. They each offered their audience a new opportunity.

Why you need become a Charismatic Leadership?

So now you may be thinking. Why do I need to become a leader?

In 2008, Kevin Kelly wrote an article called “1,000 True Fans”. In that article, he said:

A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author—in other words, anyone producing works of art—needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.

True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.

So I think that a reason why we need focus to build Audience, Build your true fan and become the leader.

What if I not a leader before? I’m not smart or master

Yeah, it’s not easy with you. Some people are just born leaders and others are not. You aren’t a born leader or an expert.

But, are you know?

People become leaders when they first try to master something for themselves. Then after they’ve discovered a path for themselves, they share their knowledge with others.

It starts with your own personal growth, but then transitions to contribution.

Russell Brunson said him not a leader, not a master or expert and still some of the time.


“In my personal life, I am pretty shy and reserved. But when I’m in my element, speaking about the topics that I’ve mastered, I am able to lead.”

So, the key is:

You just study, learn, know and then share with others.

Why did you fail? The biggest problem with many people.

I think the biggest reason make you fail, you not started and give up is the voice in your mind.

The voice that consistently tells you, you’re inadequate, that you’re not enough.

Not smart enough, not focused enough, not thin enough, not experienced enough, not good enough…

When Russell Brunson coach for his student. They have the same thing problem.

The strange thing is that often the more they do, and the more people they help, the louder the voice of inadequacy becomes.

So just starting this journey and positioning yourself as an expert.

Your superpower won’t seem like that big of a deal to you either. It will be something that comes second nature.

Your strong, your skill, your hobbies,…

If you’re an amazing cook, it’s not that big of a deal for you. But to someone who can’t cook, it’s a HUGE deal.

 Or you can play piano, guitar, football,…

You think it’s very easy, simple. But every day many people pay hundred or thousand dollars to learn that.

That’s where your superpower is hiding, just waiting to be developed and shared with the world.

How can I become an expert when I’m not certified

Now, you may be thinking:

”oh, it’s sound great. But I’m not certified or degree, I haven’t been to school for this. How can I possibly claim to be an expert?”

Russell Brunson always smile when he hears these words come out of someone’s mouth. Because he knows where he came from.

Russell asks them, “Well, I’m curious. You paid me $25,000 (or $100,000) to teach you this stuff. What do you think my credentials are?”

If you read Expert Secrets book you’ll know Russell got a C in marketing.

So what?

I think it’s better if you have certified. But it’s not important.

Example 2: I want to share you about story of Tony Robbins

When he first started learning neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), he signed up for a six-month training course, and after just a few days, he fell in love with it. He gained skill quickly and wanted to start helping people immediately. The trainers said, “You can’t, you’re not certified yet.”

Tony said, “Certified? I know how to help people. Let’s go help!”

Remember, your results are your certification.

What if others know more about your topic than you?

And now someone may be asked:” what if others people know more about my topic than me?

There are many experts in various fields in the world.

So, there will always be people in the world who are more advanced than you.

That’s fine. You can learn from them, but don’t let it stop your help to everyone.

The first question you need to answer?

If you want to start to create a mass movement. The first question you need to answer is “Who do I want to serve?”

It’s very important when you start.

The answer to that question is typically people who were just like you before you became an expert, right?

As a charismatic leader, you’re going to lead people on a path you’ve walked before.

How to find your niche?

The first thing you need chooses your core market. And we need to dig at least two levels deep to find your specific audience.

Now I will show you what I mean.

We have core market, submarket, and your niche.

How to find your niche


Example: You may be like core market “make money online”.


Now we go deep into that. It’s maybe Affiliate.

And then we go deep into that. We have made money online with affiliate by using sales funnel.

Now some example for you:

Core market -> Sub-market -> Your niche

Health -> weight loss -> Diet plan for weight loss

Make money online -> Shopify -> Facebook traffic advertisting for shopify.

Digital Marketing -> SEO -> Social media SEO advance

As you start looking around at the other experts in your submarket, you’re going to find out who your competitors are, what they teach, and how they do so.

Then you will start to see where YOU fit into this ecosystem.

You want to create a message that will complement the other players in your market, NOT compete with them.

If you do this correctly, all your big “competitors” will almost instantly become your best partners.

 The 3 question ask yourself after identified the market

After identifying the market we want to serve, Russell usually ask himself a few questions to make sure that particular market will be able to sustain my new expert business.

1. Would people in this submarket be excited about the new opportunity I’m presenting in your niche?

Because you are pulling people from a submarket into your new niche, it’s important to make sure they will be excited about what you want to share.

You will be creating a new opportunity for them, and it has to be something that will make them interested enough to take action.

2. Are the people in this market irrationally passionate?

3. Are these people willing and ABLE to spend money on information?

So go through these questions as many times as you need to in order to find the best market for you.

I don’t want you to waste any time, energy, or money going after the wrong niche if people in your submarkets aren’t likely to follow you.


Who Do You Need To Become As A Leader?

In this section, Russell Brunson talks about 6 rules you can follow to become a charismatic leader for your movement.

Rule #1: Become an attractive character

If you have read Dotcom Secrets book before, you’ll know that concept.

In that book, he went deep into figuring out your backstory, character flaws, identity, storylines, and more.

So I recommend you need read dotcom secrets book to understanding of the attractive character.

the attractive character - dotcom secrets book

Rule #2: Maintain absolute certainty

It is said that in any situation, the person with the most certainty wins. I’m not talking about self-confidence. If you want to make an impact, you have to be certain.

Certainty is what draws people to leaders, to experts.

Rule #3: Don’t be boring

Your audience must be fascinated with you and what you teach. If you’re boring, they’re not going to connect with you.

Rule #4: Understand how to use persuasion

Throughout Expert Secrets book, you will learn how to persuade people. Everything you learn in both Sections Two and Three of this book are all about persuasion.

Remember, people will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies

Rule #5: Care.., a LOT

Showing people that you actually care about them. There’s an old saying that goes, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If your audience thinks you are just in this to make money, your vehicle for change will not last long.

Your following will not grow.

In fact, it will shrink very quickly. If you choose your ideal clients correctly, you’ll have people you’d be willing to serve and teach and train for free because that’s how much you care about them.

Rule #6: Offer them value from their perceived relationship with you.

Offer them value from their perceived relationship with you.

They’ve subscribed to your list, they read your blog and listen to your podcast—they’re hearing from you all the time.

They want to see some sort of value in return for the time they are spending with you. And they want to get the value as THEY define it.

One big mistake we experts often make is trying to apply what WE value most as OTHERS’ standard for success.

We are quick to define the value as some result we assume they are seeking, like “Make a million dollars” or “Lose 50 pounds”.

But that’s not always how they define the value they want to get. Sometimes they just want to be part of a community.

Sometimes they just want to get to know you. Some people love to consume and learn, and that’s how they feel they get value.

We can’t push our definition of value on them. We have to allow them to feel that in the way THEY define.

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Get your Free copy of Expert Secrets Book

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Before you leave, read the full review of expert secrets book here

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