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Welcome back to Funnel Secrets! I got some exciting funnel today. One of the biggest requests I have been getting lately is for affiliate funnel. Today, I want to show you case study selling the eSCAPE book with affiliate marketing sales funnel.

This funnel not created by me, I already funnel hack it when I hang out on facebook and see their ads.

If you are not familiar with Funnel hack you can read my article about Funnel Hacking concept here

Case Study Selling The Escape book with affiliate marketing sales funnel

When I through their process I realize this is affiliate funnel. And I will introduce with you right now.

Case Study how to use the sales funnel to sell the Escape book

There are two different marketing worlds in affiliate Marketing.

First, there are the ethical marketers who care about their customers and the sales process (hopefully that includes you and me).

Case Study Selling The eSCAPE book with affiliate marketing funnel

The other world doesn’t love or care about customers, all they care about are numbers, data, conversions, and percentages.

I happen to know a lot of marketers in both groups and personally have a toe in each side of the pond. I believe that building an ethical business where you focus on customer relationships is the best way to grow and expand.

But while marketers who focus solely on the numbers aren’t the most ethical in the world, they’re very smart, and I’ve learned insane amounts about SEO, testing, conversions, landing page design, and a lot of other important things from this world.

So if you take a little bit of knowledge from this world and apply it ethically, you can go a long way.

Squeeze page

affiliate marketing sales funnel

This funnel is similar to a  traditional lead funnel but it selling the product of others. The first step is a squeeze page that gives a free offer.

In this case, he sharing a course that teaches you how to build your Instagram profile from zero to 600k followers in 4 months.

And you only receive it when you get the eSCAPE Book.

At this point, people will see 2 things to make them take action.

  • First, they will get the FREE Copy of The eSCAPE Book.
  • Second, they will get the FREE Instagram Rockstar course $297 value

They always use the word “FREE”. The free offer is popular but it’s really powerful. In fact, I very interesting with it and I know they want to sell these book for me but I still want to opt-in and see what happen.

affiliate marketing funnel squeeze page

Most of the marketers have a big problem with their squeeze page is the opt-in rate is low.

Now, what could we learn from this page?

  1. Use “FREE” word (as I said above)
  2. High value: In this page, they use the number $297 to help people think like wow it’s amazing
  3. Futures & Opportunities: He does not say anything about it on this page but I still felt it.

Most people like me do not care about the eSCAPE book.

I don’t care about the Instagram course and also I don’t care it has $297 value.

But when I saw the proof over 600k followers, I thought “Wow, if I have 600K followers on my Instagram profile on 4 months what will happen?”

Bump, I will be making more sales online. So why not try it? just only fill an email and maybe pay few bucks for that book but the value that I receive is awesome.

As you can see, He does not say anything about it. But it likes the voice that talks in my mind. It broke the wall and made me take action.

The Goal & Funnel Scripts

When I built a funnel, in this case with the affiliate marketing funnel. The main goal in squeeze page is:

  • Generate Lead
  • Build a relationship

Come back to the page of Paul, I think he does it as well.

I don’t know that Paul had read the Dotcom Secrets Book before or not. But when I saw the page, this is a great example of Who, What, Why, How script in that book.

who what why how scripts - dotcom secrets book
Dotcom Secrets book: Who, What, Why, How scripts

So if you are not familiar with this script so you could get Dotcom Secrets book for FREE ( just pay few bucks for shipping) and get all sales funnel types in different business and all scripts, copy that you need in your sales funnel.

Who: Paul Getter (I knew it from his Ads and Instagram proof photo)

What: Grab the FREE copy of Anik Singal’s new book – “The eSCAPE” through his link

Why: Bonus Instagram Rockstar course $297 value that teaches you how to build your Instagram profile from zero to over 600K followers in 4 months.

And he also checklist what we will receive in this course. (how to create an amazing content, use the hashtag, promote,…)

How: Click the button to sign-up and linked to eSCAPE book sales page and get it. After that send him an email, then he will give you a course after verify your purchase.

As you can see, Who What Why How script is very simple but it really effective.

This is a reason why Russell Brunson always uses it in his campaign. So you can see the sales page of dotcom secrets and expert secrets book for example.

The Bridge Page

After opt-in, I have linked to the sales page of the book. So, as you can see this is the affiliate ID.

sales funnel example - affiliate funnel

If you’re an affiliate, when you direct people to the sales page of the vendor, that’s mean turn on the cookies.

Now if I buy this book, he actually makes money, right?

So what next?

I check my email because of I thought that he should send an email for me to verify or close one more time or may be directed to another page.

Awesome, it here

email sales funnel example - affiliate marketing

After I click the link, The bridge page appears.

affiliate marketing sales funnel - bridge page

The main goal of the bridge page is to build a relationship with your audience.

In this case, he shows the proof again as a video.

Now, we focus on the 1 thing that you thought it’s high value. As you can see, he shows the case study of how they built an Instagram profile from zero to over 600K followers within 4 months.

The video inspires me to take action to grab the book. Also, verify his proof is not fake and it’s true.

At the end of the video, the other form appears

affiliate marketing funnel - others form

The others form shows you how to get the FREE course again with the CTA button.

He always repeats the value of the course again and again.

It’s cool.

Funnel mapping – The sketch

In affiliate marketing funnel they’re usually about 1 or 2 pages.

In this case are 2 pages: Squeeze page for collect the email and the bridge page to build the relationship and “CLOSE” again.

Funnel mapping affiliate marketing funnel

I sketch the funnel map as the image above to help you understand how affiliate marketing funnel works.

First: we drive traffic to squeeze page.

  • If they’re opt-in that means they have directed to the sales page of vendor through the affiliate link. At the same time, the email autoresponder has been active.
  • If people visited the page and they leave we will re-targeting on facebook or Adword,…

Second: We send them “email welcome” to direct people to bridge page to build a relationship. At this point, we show them the proof or give more information and try to make them think what they will get is high value and amazing.

Actually, this is a bridge funnel. If you’re not familiar you can read an article that I talk about bridge funnel here


Hopefully, my article might help you when you create a sales funnel for affiliate products.

The one thing you need to do with these funnels is finding out what your dream customer and design the lead magnet for building the relationship with them.

Don’t forget to grab Dotcom Secrets Book and Expert Secrets book to discover the difference between a successful and failed funnel.

Thank you

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    Awesome post! Love it. Great strategies you explained. Hey, could I get a link of the free Instagram course please?

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