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What Is a Bridge funnel? Best Way To Convert Cold Traffic

bridge funnel guide
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Bringing products closer to customers is the concern of any company, business, salesperson, and marketer. After much research and testing, the Bridge Funnel has proven to be the top solution to your concerns.

  • So, what is a bridge funnel and how does it work?
  • How to use it in your business?
  • What is the method to create a Bridge Funnel that converts?

The following in-depth article will summarize in detail on this topic. You will have the answer as soon as you refer to the article.

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What Is A Bridge Funnel?

bridge page funnel

A Bridge Funnel connects two different pages or funnels, but related ideas. It’s usually used in affiliate marketing; through the bridge page, you can explain the core concept or things that potential customers should know before they go to the next page (or funnel stage)

Here, you’ll come up with some activities to help warm up cold traffic before redirecting customers to the sales page. As the name suggests, this Funnel acts as a bridge, connecting the gap between the customer and the product.

You may be wondering why not put direct links into the content. Some platforms do not support this operation. Besides, in addition to the connection task, this funnel also does much more.

At Bridge Funnel, you can collect the email addresses of your customers, or can also use funnel as a way to generate cold traffic with ads.

In short, this funnel is a great tool to help connect with customers, heat traffic and bring leads to the sales page they need.

How To Use A Bridge Funnel In Your Business?

With each object, you will have your purpose and approach. Therefore, what a Bridge Funnel can bring to your business will also be different.

1. Ecommerce

To successfully attract customers in the e-commerce market when applying Bridge Funnel, you can implement the following tactics:

First, you need to determine the sales goal is to target customers who have problems directly or indirectly related to your product. The relevance here lies in the fact that your product can help and solve the above difficulties.

After you have clearly defined your goals, you can implement advertising campaigns to attract the attention of potential customers. The advertisement’s content will be related to the solutions that the product can bring.

Once potential customers pay attention to your advertising content, the Bridge page will appear to connect the product that customers expect and the product you have. And the last step, you will take customers to the main sales page with the special lead magnet.

2. Retail & Mortar Businesses

With the retail business, the Bridge Funnel also exhibits certain connectivity effects. This Funnel will be responsible for bringing the company’s products closer to customers by bridging the gap between the needs of potential buyers and what the company can offer.

Learn more: How Retail & Mortal business can use the sales funnel to growth and scale their business online

3. Business To Business (B2B)

Similar to retail customers, connecting business to business is also more effective, thanks to Bridge Funnel.

Specifically, you need to identify potential businesses in advance and what they need in a product or service. Then use a Bridge Funnel to connect, showing this audience that you can deliver products that meet the needs of your business.

4. Network or Affiliate Marketing

In this field, you will list the information that links to the product. The above information needs to be valuable and focus on clearly demonstrating the benefits and effectiveness of your marketing product to customers.

After the customer clicks on the affiliate link, you will need a Bridge Funnel for promoting the product before navigating to the main sales website.

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5. Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

With audiences like authors, speakers, consultants, etc., you’ll need to introduce yourself and your accomplishments to connect with potential cold traffic and be effective.

The information on the Bridge page will be the introduction and explanation to make the above subjects interesting and interested in what you have to offer.

In addition, you can also use videos on this type of Funnel to interpret information vividly and leave an impression on visitors.

6. Professional Services

Suppose your target audience is people who are not overly interested or even knowledgeable about the presence of your company or industry.

In that case, you will need a Bridge page to bridge the gap before posting. They come to the services you provide.

Now, for using it to increase sales, you can check out this video.

YouTube video

How To Create A Bridge Page Funnel That Converts?

After learning what this particular type of Funnel can do for your business, you’re probably eager to experiment. But before you start building, there are a few things you should consider:

Before You Create A bridge page

Firstly, you need to make sure that the information and offers on the Bridge page are related to what network marketers recommend, especially the products that are present on the landing page behind.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the offers available on this funnel are attractive enough to bring tangible benefits. In fact, funnel brings many benefits to you, but it would be unwise not to build this tool in a way that benefits both parties.

Thirdly, to get more conversions back, independent ClickFunnels affiliate marketers can apply the trick of connecting many different offers, making the most of the effectiveness that Funnel brings.

Start To Create A Converting Bridge Funnel

After you’ve made sure to review and ensure all of the above, here are the steps you can put into practice now:

1. Pick Your Affiliate Offer

Choosing the type of offer you want to offer your customers is always the most critical step to getting commission from the parent company. Your choices will directly affect how customers approach your product.

As mentioned, you should choose the type of incentives that are beneficial to the visitor, and better yet, benefit both parties. If you don’t want to challenge yourself, you can use old offers that have proven to convert before

2. Squeeze Page

squeeze page in bridge funnel

Build a Squeeze Page, and you will have an additional address to collect visitors’ email addresses. Depending on the effectiveness of your page design, Squeeze Page can also make customers interested and stay in your next funnel longer.

If you’ve built a sign-up page before, you shouldn’t have too much trouble configuring a Squeeze Page. Because here, you will bring a small favor, maybe some exciting references in Ebook, video explaining.

After users exchange emails for receiving the above lead magnet, you will send the visitor to the next page.

2. Bridge Page

jason theme bridge page

The Bridge Page is the essential part when you build a funnel. Here, you’ll make a page that can deliver a range of effects mentioned in the previous section.

On this page, you need to create a compelling offer so that the customer will be interested and click to the next page, continuing the purchase process.

To achieve the above effect, here is everything that is on a Bridge page:

  • Captivating headlines: Customers don’t have much time, so you need a catchy message so they can decide whether to stay on the page or leave.
  • Adorable video: Sound images always create more attraction than text. Therefore, it is a good idea to include a video with content related to the product’s advantages or actual experiences of previous users.
  • Lovely giveaways: You should have this step in your sales process: offer customers product-related giveaways. Gifts here can be e-books or courses, support tools, trial products.
  • Separate area to show the value of the product: First, you need to show the value of each aspect of the product in turn. Finally, a summary of the entire offer, with a total value many times the product’s price you sell. It can be that this arrangement will become an irresistible offer.
  • Reviews from previous users: In this position, you will add prior users’ experiences and actual sharing. The purpose of this section is for potential customers to see that your product can solve their problems.
  • Call to Action (CTA): The content of this section can be “Click this link to buy,” “Learn more here,” “Buy now.”
  • Add a timer: This item is not required, but when you add a timer, you will create an atmosphere of urgency, making customers tend to make decisions faster so as not to miss out on good deals. In case the customer stays on the page when the clock goes to 0, you can handle it by redirecting the customer to other landing pages to convert cold traffic.
  • Add PopUp: PopUp will appear when visitors tend to leave the web pages. You can display PopUp offers with a specific value and attach a link to receive referral payments.

In spite of containing all of the above content, your Bridge page must still keep it simple and easy to follow. Too much information and improper arrangement will confuse customers and not pay attention to your calls to action.

3. Email Sequence

Return to the Squeeze Page we built earlier. Here, you have collected a certain number of emails. With this step, you will make your email list of potential customers and take the actions of guest marketing.

Specifically, if the Bridge page does not successfully bring customers to the sales landing page, you can continue your marketing by contacting us via email.

Also, you can continue to use the email list you have created to contact potential customers on every occasion to promote products or have attractive offers.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Funnel

After successfully building the Bridge page, it’s time for you to bring your Funnel to your customers, attracting cold traffic.

The best way to attract interested people is to conduct advertising campaigns on famous social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram. Or you can also use Google PPC as a powerful support tool.


Above is all the information related to the Bridge Funnel. Hopefully, you will get a deeper insight into the definition and the value that this type of Funnel brings.

Plus, you can also build sales funnels that are tailored to your own business. We wish you success with the practical support of the Bridge Funnel.

Thank you and see you in our next update! 

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