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Other sales funnel that you can use to generate leads and sell products depend on your goal and strategy, so each funnel framework is different.

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To help your marketing campaigns more diverse. Here are some types of funnels that can help you build a list of potential customers and directly sell your product (especially the front-end and core product).

Because it can be used for many different purposes, so I do not list it as the lead funnel or buyer funnel, but collectively as the other funnel.

This page is your home base for Other Funnel resources designed for people of all skill levels.

Homepage Funnel Lead Generation Strategies Without Spend Money

Homepage Funnel: Lead Generation Strategies Without Spend Money

Homepage funnel is a new concept that I learned from Russell Brunson a few days ago. As you know, my goal is help people selling their products or services through the sales funnel. So, we start creating a landing page, getting an email,…etc. After that, we’re going to split testing and see which is better. …

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What is Live Demo Funnel? – The definition Guide

Live demo funnel is one of top 22 funnels in Funnel hacker cookbook. This funnel can help you build generate leads, sales your product. Not only that, Live demo funnel can help you show off your product. You can answer the live question and demonstrate your product.  Do this by hosting a periodic live show that …

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