Buyer Funnel

Learn how to create a Buyer Funnel, the sales funnel stages, and every type of buyer funnel you can use in your business online.

What Is Buyer Funnel?

Buyer Funnel simply a funnel that helps you sell products or services online. Many sales funnel types can help you get more sales and make money, but I separate it into two groups: the funnel for selling low-price and high-price.

The buyer funnel works for front-end and core products from $7 to $297, and it is in the middle of the value ladder. If you want to sell higher-priced products or services, it would be great to use High-Ticket Funnel.

value ladder and sales funnel

Bottom line: The range of price I recommend above is from my personal experience. Therefore you should not see these as norms and patterns. The most important thing is to understand how the funnel works. From there, you can make the right solution and apply it to your marketing campaigns.

Why Buyer Funnel Important?

Sooner or later, people come to your Lead Funnel and receive value from you. Not everyone but the percentage of people who initially took your bait will likely and want to receive more value from you.

Buyer Funnel is a  bridge to convert prospects to become buyer customers where you can help them achieve goals easier.

After all, only purchase people could help you make a profit and grow your business.

Another benefit of a Buyer Channel is that you can sell it directly to leads instead of using a Leads Funnel first. It generates not only leads but also quality leads (buyers list). We will discuss how to do it in Tripwire Funnel and Book Funnel below.

Types of Buyer Funnel

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