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We’ve all heard it said—content is KING! And yet, coming up with new content and blog post ideas day after day after day can sometimes feel impossible, especially when your brain is being pulled in 1,000 different directions.

Luckily, this list can help! It contains 101 blog post starters that will work for any niche or genre, and help you brainstorm more really good blog post ideas than you know what to do with!

101 quick blog post ideas for beginners 2019 - Funnel Secrets

Awesome blog post ideas generator for beginners 2019

All About You, Your Blog, & Your Business

1. The story of how you got started.

2. A post about what your blog or business name means to you.

3. The story of why you are interested in the field you’re in.

4. A post about what you did before starting your blog, and how it relates to what you do now.

5. A post about what drew you away from what you were doing before.

6. A post about how your life changed after you began your business.

7. A post about what you find rewarding about your business or chosen field.

8. A post about how you relate to your customers or readers.

 9. A post about your future plans and dreams.

10. A story about a person or people you’ve met and the places you’ve been.

11. Stories about bumps in the road and how you overcame them.

12. Share a case study from yourself or one of your readers or customers.

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Collections Of Products That Fit Your Blog

13. A list of your favorite technology products.

14. A list of your favorite productivity tools.

15. A list of your favorite organizing tools.

16. A list of products to decorate a nursery with.

17. A list of products to style home with.

18. A list of products to use for a party.

19. A list of products that make you think of a certain season.

20. A list of products that remind you of a favorite place.

21. A list of products all in a certain color.

22. A list of gift ideas for types of people (moms, sisters, dads).

23. A list of gift ideas for holidays (Valentine’s, mother’s day, sibling appreciation day).

24. Create a checklist post of items needed for X.

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How to or tutorials

25. Share how to make one of your products.

26. Give people a DIY project to go with one of your products, or something you love.

27. Give people a DIY project that uses supplies you sell or can use an affiliate link for.

28. Share step by step for layering jewelry, styling an outfit or dressing well.

29. Show people how to do something technical that they might not know (such as how to get accurate body measurements).

30. Teach people the smart way to shop for a product related to your niche. (or something that you sell).

31. Printable foot size chart for kids’ shoes.

32. How to display your type of product in a room.

33. How to save time and/or money by using your product.

34. How to enjoy time with family using your product.

35. How to set a beautiful table.

36. How to throw a fun party.

37. Create a problem/solution post that identifies a common problem related to your subject matter and shows how to create a solution.

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Things That Inspire You

38. Share mood boards and color schemes.

39. Share your favorite music playlists or favorite podcasts.

40. Share what books and blogs you’re reading.

41. Share your favorite inspirational quotes.

42. Share photos you’ve taken that inspire your work.

43. Share a list of places you’ve traveled, or would like to go to.

44. Share art that makes your heart sing.

45. Share a style board based on a movie.

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46. Share printable inspirational quotes.

47. Share downloadable desktop wallpapers.

48. Share PDF tutorials

49. Share printable cards.

50. Share printable crafts.

51. Share art prints to download and frame.

52. Share an e-book.

53. Share catalogs or lookbooks.

54. Share printable bookplates or gift tags.

55. Share graphics to print and cut out of sticker paper.

56. Share coupons or other discounts.

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Answer Common Question About Your Blog, Business, OR Product

57. Put together a “getting started” guide.

58. Show how your blog or products differ from others.

59. Share info about the charity organizations you support.

60. Do an “ask the readers” roundup.

61. Point out the differences between two similar products you sell.

62. Show some ways to use your product.

63. Create an FAQ post.

64. Create a SAQ post (questions your readers SHOULD ask but don’t).

Share What You’ve Learned Along The Way

65. Share struggles you’ve had with your business, and how you overcame them.

66. Share what you’ve learned about people.

67. Share what you learned about yourself.

68. Create a research post that dives deep into a topic and shares what you’ve discovered.

69. Share an income report post, with details on how you earned your income.

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Give Advice

70. Write a post on what to do when Oprah calls.

71. Write a post with tips for being on Shark Tank or another popular show.

72. Write a post on how to prepare for an interview or appearance.

73. Write a post on how to save money on X.

74. Create an “ultimate guide” post with in-depth info on a given topic.

75. Write a post that helps people be more successful with your product.

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Interview Yourself

76. What do you wish people would ask you? Format it as a Q&A on your blog.

77. Be open to interviews and ask if you can share them on your blog as well.

78. Be an authority by interviewing others about insider details of your industry.

Give your Opinion On A Hot Topic In Your Industry

79. Share your stance on an issue that people are divided on.

80. Explain an unpopular opinion of yours, and why you feel that way.

81. Give a comprehensive explanation of something new in your industry.

82. Denounce a trend or fad that you don’t like, then show what you prefer.

83. Introduce people to a new method that’s just taking off.

84. Review books about your field.

85. Test two methods and report your findings.

86. Write an attack post of someone or something (be careful with this!).

87. Write a “what if” post on a topic.

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88. Do a product roundup of products related to X

89. Do a blog post roundup – this can be a weekly feature or a one-time theme

90. Do a quote roundup of your favorite quotes

91. Do a random of cool or pretty Instagram photos.

92. Do a roundup of your favorite artists.

93. Do a roundup of your favorite stores or gift shops.

94. Do a roundup of influencers to follow.

95. Do a roundup of your best posts.

Interview Other People

96. Interview someone who makes a product that complements your blog.

97. Interview someone in your field that you admire.

98. Interview other small businesses that you think your customers would like.

99. Interview a controversial face in your feld.

100. Write a profile of a prominent figure in your feld.

101. Ask the same question of several people and create a post of the various answers.

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