Content marketing challenge: Audit website – Identify whats wrong (Day 1)

Content marketing challenge: Audit website – Identify whats wrong (Day 1)
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Audit website – Identify whats wrong with your website? Content marketing 7 days challenge is a series that help you to generate more sales leads in 7 days with this proven content marketing strategy. And now I want to say welcome to day 1 of this 7 days sales lead generation challenges.

Today, we going to Identify what’s wrong with your website.We’ll audit your website and to do that we need to understand what makes a high-quality professional lead generation website.

In this section, we’ll try to use the right calls to action, get your unique value proposition across and make your website navigation meaningful.


Audit website – Makes a high-quality professional lead generation

The mindset of a first time visitor.

Imagine you just walked into a new shop or you’ve just met a new business person and networking meeting. There’s going to be some questions that you’re going to ask them. The first time you meet them.

Is this business or website credible?

  • Does it look up to date?
  • Have they used professional imagery?
  • Are there spelling and grammar mistakes?
  • Do all the links work on the website and is the website fast to respond?

Answering yes to all of these will help you create trust with your first time visitor.

Are they professional within this sector?

audit website- professional

There are also going to ask: Are they professional within this sector, and you need to think about:

  • How can you prove that to the visitor?
  • How do they know your professional?
  • Do you have any trade accreditations?
  • Have you won any awards for your work?
  • Have you been featured in industry relevant publications?

If so then definitely display them on your website.

Can I trust this company?

content marketing - trust

So who’s trusted you before? The only way to show people to trust you is to present testimonials and reviews.

If you are an e-commerce store ensure that you have security certificates installed as well.

And if you a member of a local Chamber? Great, add that to your website and show that you are a member of that chamber of commerce.

Does this company have a relevant solution to my problem need or want?

solution - content marketing challenge

You’ve got zero to three seconds to present a unique value proposition that is relevant captures the attention of the reader and makes them believe you have a solution to solve their challenge.

These are all the questions first timers will ask you.

That’s a lot of information to get across on the home page. However, it will ensure that you can easily answer the first time visitor questions, and get them to click deeper into the website.

Facts about lead generation websites

So let me give you some facts about lead generation websites and why they are successful.

Businesses with 40 or more landing pages generate 12 times more leads.

A landing page is a standalone web page that allows you to capture visitor data through a web form.

landing page

For example, warm up the visitor before signposting them further down the sales funnel to a transactional page.

It’s not simply just any page you might actually land on the website. And if you have more of these landing pages, with more targeted campaigns.

You have more places for conversions to happen.

In fact, the very reason you’re on this article is that maybe you came on one of our squeezed pages or landing pages and signed-up to the seven days lead generation challenges.

(Note: You also maybe go here by the search engine or from social media. Landing page is only one of my strategy.)

We’ve now captured that data and we are sending you a drip feed of emails over a series of seven days.

That’s exactly what a landing page is, and you need to capture that visitor data.

Lead Generation sites also have a huge range of content including:

  • ebooks/ white papers.
  • Blog post/ Articles.
  • Checklists.
  • Infographics.
  • Videos/ podcasts
  • Webinars
  • And the list goes on.

In fact, in day number two we’re going to go through a list of over 20 different content types.

You can create and you should be using on your website. If you’re not your missing an opportunity and your competitors definitely are using them.

Unique value propositions.

Unique value propositions are clearly defined on key conversions pages.

Brilliant lead generation sites also display unique value propositions is a clear statement describing, who the product or service is for what the benefits of using it are how it solves the user’s needs and wants.

what is your value diffrent competitors

And why it’s different from your competitors.

So make sure you create some unique value propositions and then display them clearly on your landing page, your home page, and your product and service pages to get your message across.

Calls to action get tested and reiterated

You might like it, but do your customer believe you?

Calls to action get tested and reiterated in winning lead generation sites. In marketing terms, a call to action is an instruction to your audience to provoke an immediate response.

It usually using an imperative verb such as:

“Call now”, “now find out more” or “visit a store today”.

Calls to action or CTA is more than just Buttons On Your Website. CTA compel your visitors into doing something and parting with their precious data as you did on our landing page.

CTA will start out with a headline about what it’s about.

content marketing - call to action

For example, download our free guide on how to bake and then it will support itself with some more detail.

Example: learn how to master cake baking in this 30-page guide with step by step to call instructions practical.

I nearly got out anyway along with a thumbnail and digital assets.

For example A screenshot from the opening page. Then comes the button.

Now, most people think this is the CTA. But it is, in fact, the place where the conversion happened.

Someone has to click that button. So make sure it’s contextual. You want them to download it now.

So the button should say download now. This pops up a day a collection form in exchange for the value-added content i.e. our guide.

CTA up all about creativity and testing your ideas until you reach a conversion performance level.

There are lines with your overall business growth strategy.

So have a think about what calls to actions you can add to your website today, to get a few more conversions and a bit more data out of it.

Headlines testing.

Audit website - A-B testing

Were always test in headlines in different ways with A-B testing.

And in fact, a change in a headline alone can see a huge rise in conversions.

Here is an example of how 37 Signals changed their headline and they saw a 7% conversion rate over that original headline.

headline testing - content marketing

You can use A-B testing tools like Google Analytics, unbound and there are tons of other ones out there just searching Google for A-B testing tool and compare two versions and see which gets the better success.

Go and try it on your own website.

Use quality, compelling images

Lead Generation sites that really do well use quality images as well.

So we’re here, we’ve got some cookies and some nice bit of coffee. It looks great.

cookies and coffee

It’s a really good quality image and it’s meaningful.

We understand the context. so we’re going to presume that this page would then lead us on to an offer to get a free cup of coffee once we’ve had five cups from a from a particular coffee shop.

So you need to use meaningful real images.

Is it’s worth the extra dollars and pounds to buy those images in from either a really good quality stock photography base, or go out and shoot them yourself, or get a professional photographer in depending how much budget you have.

And also photos of real people and products outperform stock images by almost 95 percent.

So if you’ve got your own product, use the photos of them.

If you can get images inside your own offices or of real people who are working in your business.


That’s going to work a lot better than two guys shaking hands over a desk.

Here is some website you can get amazing images:

Navigation is always made super easy

  • Sticky menus at the top of the page.
  • They use breadcrumbs on every page.
  • A search box helps visitors find content.
  • Quick links in the footer catch visitors at the bottom of the page.

Navigation is always made super easy on generation sites, they use sticky menus at the top of every page.

These breadcrumbs on every page. So users can navigate backwards nice and easily a search box normally helps visitors find content.

So a simple text search on for example your blog will really help users find the content they want.

As well as quick links in the footer that catch the visitors at the bottom of the page.

So these are normally used for the main service sections of the site or the main categories in an e-commerce site.

They’re responsive for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops

And lead generation sites are responsive.

They’re ready on smartphones tablets laptops and desktops and they’re super fast to respond to the device width as well.

In fact, over 50 percent of our traffic on mobile and tablets.


So having a responsive website that moulds itself to the device is absolutely critical for a happy user experience.

It’s a little bit of a big task to take on your self probably but your digital agency should be using responsive design.

Go and talk to them about it and make sure that your website performs equally as well on a mobile as it does to your desktop.

Capture data with web forms to turn strangers into prospects

audit website - capture visitor data

And of course, you need to capture visitor data.

This means you need to create web forms that people can type their information into. And this will turn a stranger just someone visiting your website into actually someone you can communicate with.

Because you’ve got their name and email address.

Without that visitors will just come and go, you’ll never ever turn a stranger into a prospect.

So make sure you’re trying to capture data at every point on your website that’s relevant.

They make sense:

  • Well written content with no business jargon.
  • They write content for people not google.
  • Content is based on building trust and helping service their audiences needs.

And of course lead generation sites well they just make sense.

They’re well written.

They have great content with no business jargon it’s just plain English. Let’s get on with its style content that helps the use of solve their challenge.

They write content for people, not Google. So years gone by, you would use keywords stuffed articles that are gone.

write content for people, not Google

Forget it.

It doesn’t work anymore.

That is the full stop. It doesn’t work anymore. So write content for your audience and solve their challenges online.

And of course, that content is then based on building trust and helping service the needs of your audience, which in turn is then going to build that trust level to a point, where people go hey I don’t mind sharing this on Facebook.

I don’t mind showing this on Twitter and then all of a sudden you’re getting this snowball effect of your content.

It is taken out and distributed to your existing audience.

Action and Checklist

start action now

So it’s time to take action now and audit your own website. There’s a link on this page to the Website lead generation checklist.

Get your checklist of day 1 Audit your website – Identify whats wrong

Go and grab that download it print it off and then sit down block out some time to go through it in detail and open up your website.

Audit it and then implement those changes. And that’s the end of day one. I look forward to seeing you in day number two.

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