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Affiliate marketing strategy help pay more than competitors

This is part 3 of series affiliate marketing for beginners as a Clickfunnels affiliate. Today, I’ll show you a new concept affiliate marketing strategy help you pay more than your competitor. Again, make sure you’re having read the previous article to understand what you need to do. It’s very important.

Before we start, If you want to become a super affiliate, you need to join Affiliate Bootcamp training (It’s FREE – this is a Clickfunnels affiliate program. They’ll help you sell their product and anything you want step by step). This is an affiliate marketing for beginners, and it’s for you.

Now let get started!

Special affiliate marketing strategy help you increase your profit – value ladder

The most consistent and predictable way to generate leads and affiliate commissions are with paid advertising. When you are advertising on Facebook or Google the best ad slots are placed up for auction. The top bidding advertisers win the ad slots that appear at the top of the page and receive the most clicks.

If our competitors are spending $20 per lead but we can only afford to spend $5 per lead, our competitors will get the most clicks and steal all of our potential customers. So we need to work smarter and figure out how we can outspend our competitors while still making a profit.

Yes, there are many of successful members of the ClickFunnels Avengers group that have become top ClickFunnels affiliates just by focusing on organic traffic through SEO, Youtube, email marketing, etc. However, if you want to retire in 100 days you’ll need to spend some money on advertising to accelerate your growth. Otherwise, it could take you months or years before you start to see progress.

But before we start spending money on advertising we need to have a system and strategy in place to help us maximize our profit. The strategy we will be using is called a “Value Ladder.”



Value Ladder 

A value ladder is a group of products that you offer to your customers in a methodical order. It is called a value ladder because at the bottom is a free gift and at the top is a $1,000+ product.

If you want to learn more about value ladder you can read my post that calls Conversion rate formula.

If our goal is to refer 100 people to ClickFunnels in 100 days we are going to focus on products in our value ladder that will encourage people to sign up for a ClickFunnels trial. The good news is that you don’t need to have any of your own products to sell – ClickFunnels has a bunch of successful products we can earn commissions on.

The most important elements in every value ladder is the high ticket item and the continuity offer.

How Can You Best Serve Your Dream Customer? (High Ticket Item)

My goal is to help authors sell more books and products with sales funnels. Along with their journey, I will give them the resources they need to create their first sales funnel. However, the best way I can serve them is with a high-ticket offer that provides weekly coaching calls.

Luckily, ClickFunnels already offers a program like this called the 2 Comma Club Coaching program. The 2 Comma Club Coaching program will be at the top of my value ladder.

How Can You Provide Monthly Value To Your customer? (ContinuityOffer)

If authors are going to use sales funnels to sell books without relying on Amazon, they are going to need software to help them make this as easy as possible. Thankfully, ClickFunnels is the best software available on the market for building sales funnels. And since they offer a 40% affiliate commission for each customer we refer, this will be our primary continuity offer.

What Does The Rest Of Your Value Ladder Look Like?

DotCom Secrets Book Value Ladder:

Breaking Even As an Affiliate

Remember that the person willing to spend more than the competition wins! But we want to spend our money strategically so we eventually make a profit. We’re not like those other companies that took Venture Capital money from investors. We have small budgets and we need to make money right away.

We can spend more money than the competition and still make a profit if we know exactly how long it will take us to break even.

What does “breaking even” mean?

If you spend $100 to generate one affiliate sale, how long does it take you to make your money back (break even) from that customer? One day? 7 days? 30 days?

For example, let’s say we create an ad on Facebook that sends 1,000 people to our free gift and it costs us $100 in ad costs. Then 100 of those people (10%) enter their email address to get the gift. Out of those 100 people, one person signs up for a ClickFunnels Starter Plan.

That one person will earn us $38.80 per month until they cancel. After 3 months we will have earned a total of $116.40 from that one customer. That means it will take us about 3 months to break even on our original $100 ad spend.

Not bad, but in order for us to accelerate our growth we are going to need to find other ways to generate more revenue per customer.

There are two primary ways to generate more revenue per customer and quickly break

  1. Add front end funnel upsells to increase your average commission per transaction.
  2. Ascend your prospects to the next step in your affiliate value ladder.

Increase Average Commission per Transaction:

The beauty of a sales funnel is that it allows you to sell multiple products to a buyer when they are most likely to buy – that is, immediately after they just bought something. In sales terminology, this is called an “upsell.”

When we send our leads to the DotCom Secrets book funnel they will be offered multiple upsells after they purchase the book. If they purchase any of these upsells we will also earn a commission on these sales. Potentially as much as $291.20 in commissions!

So let’s go back to our example of spending $100 in ads to get one DotCom Secrets customer. If they purchase all of the upsells for a total commission of $291.20 that means we would have a profit of $191.20 on the very first day. That means we could spend up to $291.20 to acquire one customer if everyone purchased all of the upsells (however, this is unlikely).

DotCom Secrets (DCS) Book Funnel Commissions:

  • Book – $0
  • Audio Book – $14.80
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – $78.80
  • Perfect Webinar System – $118.80
  • Blueprint Workshop – $78.80

Total Available Commission in the Funnel: $291.20

Ascend your prospects to the next step in your affiliate value ladder:

The second way to shorten the time it takes us to break even is to ascend our prospects to the next step in the value ladder. Remember this is what the value ladder looks like for the DotCom Secrets book offer:

DotCom Secrets Book Value Ladder:

  • Free Gift – Video or Worksheet
  • DotCom Secrets Book – Free Plus Shipping
  • Funnel Scripts – $297 per year
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass – $997
  • 2 Comma Club Coaching – $1,997

Not only will we earn commissions on the sales at each step of the value ladder, but we will also earn commissions on the upsells at each step of the value ladder. It is this strategic sales process that allows us to spend more money to acquire a customer than our competitors.

Most other online marketers won’t be able to spend $5 or even $10 to acquire one email lead because they don’t have a sales funnel or value ladder.

Automatically by being a ClickFunnels affiliate we have access to a proven sales funnel that will generate sales automatically. The hard part is sending qualified traffic to those offers, which is what this Bootcamp is all about.

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