All You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

You’re starting a business or you may have one. But you don’t have the money to spend on marketing. What should you do? Today, I’m going to explain what affiliate marketing actually is and how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners. Not only that, I will share with you all you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Passive income

Make money while you sleep.

What? Are you serious? – Yes, I’m

Many people stated with affiliate marketing and make tons of money. The idea behind it is you’re going to promote other’s people product and earning the commission if someone buys that product through your link (that calls affiliate link or Hoplink)

So, if you already have the product and want to sell more you can offer promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program.

And now, we going to deeper into affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

Affiliate marketing for beginners 2018

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate definition

The best concept about what is affiliate marketing could be found on Smart Passive Income

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another person’s (or company’s) product. Products exist in your target market right now (that people are probably already buying) and if you can become the resource that recommends those products, you can generate a commission as a result.

The cool part about affiliate marketing is that it’s performance-based marketing. If someone drives you a lead or a sale, you pay them out. You pay them on a cost per acquisition. Acquisition can be a lead or a sale for you. You determine whatever it is.

And you can even determine what you want to pay people. If your product sells for $500 and your margin on it is $250. In essence, you’re operating at a 50% margin, and if you decide:

 “Hey, I’m willing to pay someone a $100 for every sale they drive me”.

Then you can offer affiliates:

 “Hey for every sale you drive me, I’m going to give you a $100”.

 And they may decide that they’re going to drive these sales through

  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Facebook advertising
  • Whatever it may be.

And that’s up to them. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

Now there are a few things that you to know about affiliate marketing.

1 it’s really hard to recruit affiliates.

Where do you look for them right? You can’t just go around the web to go find marketers and say “hey, you want to join my affiliate program?”.

Instead, you want to join networks like So when you join these affiliates networks and you talk to them, they’ll tell you:

 “Hey here’s your product. Here’s what you should price it at for CPA. This is what you should pay people every time they drive you a sale.”

And they’ll make sure it’s competitive and you’re not losing money.

  • Because the last thing you want to do is be willing to pay someone $10 per sale when it costs them $20.
  • If it costs someone $20 to drive you a sale, they’re not going to take $10. That means they’re going to be losing money.

Especially if you’re making thousands of dollars. They’re going to be like:

“no, you gotta offer more.”

You have to be competitive. And companies like Clickbank that offer affiliate networks will tell you what you should price your offer at.

There are other ones too, like another site that I use is JVZoo. JVZoo is also another place that you go to recruit affiliates.

The second thing you need to do to continually optimize your own website.

If people are driving traffic, but those visitors aren’t converting into customers, that means they’re either driving irrelevant traffic, but most affiliate marketers are good at what they do.

So usually the traffic sources typically qualify or it means that your web page isn’t converting and your web page not converting is usually the issue.

So you want to run surveys funnel. You can use or Clickfunnels. That’s a tool I love using and you can ask people questions on your landing page such as:

“What else would you like to see on this page?”.

After you get 30 plus responses, you’ll get a really good understanding of what’s wrong and you can fix those things. As you fix those things, you’ll notice that your conversions will go up.

In essence,

  • The more visitors coming to your website.
  • Come more of them will convert into sales because you’re fixing the conversion.

While before you may have had over a thousand visitors to your website and zero buy, and now it could be that after you fix the conversions, a thousand come and ten buy.

That’s improving conversion rates and that’s what happens. Another tool that you should use is and with Crazyegg it will show you where people scroll, what they click on. It’ll track the mouse movements of your visitors and that will give you insights on what you need to change.

So that you can maximize your conversion rate. If you do those two things, you can generate traffic through affiliate marketing. And affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques or tactics out there.

Affiliate marketing is HARD

Before we go too far, I have to get something out there and so affiliate marketing tends to attract newbies to the world of internet marketing and make money online which is fine. That’s how I got my start. And to this day, I continued promoting products as an affiliate. So it is a good way to make money online.

However, affiliate marketing is hard.

Anyone that’s told you that Affiliate Marketing is easy or conveyed that Affiliate Marketing is easy is deceiving you. I’m not going to say they’re lying or doing it on purpose but it is hard.

Trust me!!!

Affiliate Marketing is hard. You’re not going to get rich quick.

You’re not going to retire in 100 days and you’re not going to be able to copy and paste random crap and make money.

I’m sorry but it does not work that way as much as I would like to believe it does. Just like everybody else it does not work that way. It is not that easy.

OK, you’re going to have to put in the work that’s gonna take work. You’re going to be building a business yet to build customers and launch campaigns and create offers and do all that type of stuff that’s involved in building and owning a business.

So it’s going to be big. It’s going to be difficult running a business is difficult work. I think eight out 10 businesses fail in the first 10 years or five years even, so the failure rate is high. And if you’re going to just chase money and try and copy and paste random crap to make money you’re going to fail straight up you’re going to fail.

So as not to say that there’s not a lot of money to be made doing a really marketing thing that you can’t find success. But I just want to say that this is not an easy way out.

Affiliate Marketing is hard. It’s going to take work. So how does this sound to you? Does this sound like fun?

Do you want to build a business? Now you have 2 Choice

_ If you do then please continue.

_ But if you don’t really want to build a business and you just want to get rich quick then please just stop taking the course. Go find another one that promises you riches in minutes and has fun. So that’s it. I just had to put that out there real quick.

Affiliate Marketing is hard. It is building a business which is hard. And if you’re not up for the challenge then please don’t continue the course. But if you are up for the challenge of building a good solid sustainable business then please standby for some more training.

Note: If you already to start a business as an Affiliate you can join Affiliate Bootcamp and become supper Affiliate for FREE

Start Affiliate Marketing As A Business

Now, we’re going to be discussing how to go about building a business and there are essentially three elements to any business. You have your business entity which is like your employees, your brand and then you have your customers and you also have what you actually sell your customers.

So those are the three elements that we’re going to go through.

 A Business

_ This is like your company, your brand your identity, your persona… etc

_ You’re going to need a quote-unquote face of your business.

  • Your business is personal and also memorable.
  • A couple quote unquote faces to choose from are you. You could be the face of your brand or your company. And some people like this idea a lot.They do want to be the face of their company and that’s awesome.
  • If you don’t want to be the face of your company and that’s fine as well you still will want an avatar or like a character or a caricature or something like that.

You need that to represent your business and we can get these on Fiverr (From $5-$20)

They’ll just hire an artist and tell them like what you want and they can design it for you. And I want to point out that this is different than a logo. You’re not going for a logo here you go in for a character but it’s a human being or an animal or an alien or something like that.

You literally wanted to have a face and you want people to be able to remember that face because it winds up building trust.

People do business with businesses that they know like and trust.

So again you need a literal face for your business whether this is you or a character that an artist came up with.

Audience / Dream Customer

business audience

So the next element of any business is the audience or dream customers, or sometimes people call this a niche.

Niche basically whoever you’re going to serve and how are going to serve them. Don’t try and choose a niche, or an audience, or something just because there’s the promise of money there.

Because when you simply chase dollars your chances of failure are 100%.

I no joke, if you’re trying to do is just chase money and you don’t really care about the customer. You’re going to fail. I promise!

Now, if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while, which if you’re reading this article. I’m assuming you haven’t been.

But you could try some different markets once you’ve had success in the first place. We want you to experience success as early as possible.

So please just choose yourself.

And also if you choose yourself you’re always going to have at least one customer. So some questions about your audience or customers are:

  • Who are they? So be yourself and target people just like yourself.
  • Where do they hang out.? Where do your friends hang out? – That’s where we’re going to reach out to them.
  • What do they like? What are their interests behaviors?

Target-Audience - find your niche

So since you’re going to be advertising and promoting to yourself this should be pretty easy. But again the main thing I want to point out here is do not chase dollars but instead simply try and serve yourself.

Product and Services

The third element of all businesses are the products and services that you sell. And these are again are the affiliate offerings that you’re going to be promoting.

There’s a couple of questions to go ahead and ask yourself when trying to figure out what to sell people.

  1. What do you use that your audience will like? – Again if you’re selling to yourself and you’re already using different products I imagine your audience will also like those same products.
  2. What do you think your audience will like? – So maybe you don’t actually have that product yet or you’re not using it yet. But you think it’s pretty cool and you think you’d like it.

So, therefore, your audience would probably like it as well.

Find who sells those products

Once you ask yourself either those two questions you basically find out who sells it?

Go to Google type in the product or service that you came up with. Figure out who sells it and then see if they have an affiliate program.

It’s really that simple.

You can also browse around if you’re running out of ideas you could go to a different affiliate network like:

  • Click Bank
  • JV zoo
  • CJ affiliate
  • Clickfunnels
  • Amazon Associates…

So any product on Amazon you can sell as an affiliate, ShareASale or Rakuten.

All of these are giant affiliate networks they can browse around and see if you can find any products or services that would connect with your audience.

Something you look for

So some things to look for when you’re checking out these affiliate offers. One thing I tend to always look for are recurring commissions or these are the types of products that I try and find.

First, some examples are

  • Click funnels.
  • Hosting
  • Email marketing
  • Supplement…

A lot of them are subscription based because they have you know 30 or 60 days of supplements and then they’re going to need more supplements.

So it just auto Re-bill.

And so you get those recurring commissions going on and it is really nice to have kind of like a paycheck almost every single month.

Also box companies (like Dollar Shave Club, there are box companies for clothes, books, toys, food, makeup, wine, beer…etc.)

There are so many box companies subscription services these days and a lot of them have affiliate networks associated with them

So if you find one your customers might like check and see if they have an affiliate program. And that could be an awesome way to earn recurring commissions.

Information Product/ Membership/ Sales Data

Another thing to look for is sales data. So basically you want to go ahead and make sure that it actually sells.

Because even if it’s a $500 product with the 75 % commission. If it doesn’t sell it’s worth $0. Now, most of the big affiliate networks have some sort of sales data that they report.

For example, Click Bank has something called gravity which is like a measure of how many sales are coming through.

And yeah you just want to make sure that it is selling. So that means like the sales page is converting. Because it kind of pointless to promote a product that doesn’t really sell.

Now there are other products that you know sell. So you wouldn’t have to really get any sales data.

For example Click funnels, hosting, autoresponder

clickbank vs jv zoo - afiliate marketing for beginners

I don’t need to get the sales data to know that those products actually sell. But if you’re just browsing around Click Bank or JVzoo or something like that you want to make sure that I mean some of those products might look good but they don’t sell.

So you just want to double check the sales data if it’s available.

Does it seem active?

And also does this affiliate offer and this product seem active like some of the private affiliate programs might not seem active and engaged with.

It feels kind of sketchy to you. Try and send an email to see. If they’ll reply to you ask them about their affiliate program and how it’s going and that type of information.

See if you get to apply some of these private ones were set up one time five years ago and they were forgotten and so they don’t pay out commissions they don’t do anything with them. So if you do find a private affiliate network just make sure that it looks active and like people are actually using it and supporting it.

How to find a good product, services and affiliate program step-by-step

Now, you know all about affiliate marketing definition and you want to find the best product to promote. In this video below I will show you how I can find product or services that have an affiliate program.

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