Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2018: Free Affiliate Training Programs

Do you want to find affiliate marketing for beginners? Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp has been created for you.

A few years ago, when I started making money online.

I don’t have any idea, skill or marketing experience.

Then I start with affiliate marketing.

Because I don’t need products, stock, shipping… What I need to do is invest a little money for PPC, banner, solo ads,… to drive people to the website.

If someone bought the product through this link (affiliate link), I actually make money.

This is a simple way to make the commission.

But now, the money that I need to invest for the Ad is high. I lose tons of money, but the result of that is low.

I really stress.

After that, I research on the internet:”How to make money with affiliate marketing with Free traffic

Most people recommend SEO.

Because it’s FREE.

I’m excited and start to learn.

They’re talking with me are I need going to the google, pick the keywords, on-page, off page, backlink, silo, internal link, outbound link,…

It was hard for me.

What I want right now is when I invest $1 in Ad then get $2 out.

Then I learned marketing funnel concept from Dotcom Secrets book. It helps me know how can I increase sales and get more profit while still pay more than my competitor.

Affiliate Bootcamp will teach you how to use the sales funnel to making money as an affiliate. If you’re:

  • Beginners: Affiliate Bootcamp help you make an idea and teach you step by step how to make the first commission, and the goal is become to a super affiliate.
  • Already an affiliate marketer: Affiliate Bootcamp help you increase your traffic, conversions, and sales online.

Especially,  It’s FREE.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2018_ Free Affiliate Training Programs

Affiliate Bootcamp Review: FREE affiliate marketing training for beginners

Affiliate Bootcamp Overview

Clickfunnels Affiliate bootcamp review Russell brunson

Name: Affiliate Bootcamp


Owners: Russell Brunson

Level: Beginners

Price: FREE

Score: 9.5/10

Frequently Bought together

dotcom secrets book
Dotcom Secrets Book
expert secrets book
Expert Secrets Book
Clickfunnels work well for ?
Clickfunnels Software

Quick Summary

What is Affiliate Bootcamp?

Affiliate Bootcamp is a free training to help people make money online with an affiliate. It has been created by Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels team. The training teaches us how to make commission through promote Clickfunnels products.



  • Newbie friendly
  • It’s FREE
  • Support through the facebook group
  • Not only affiliate, the training teach you how to build a true business.
  • Great Step-by-step videos to guide you and they have a checklist for action in each video.
  • Most people get the best result from there


  • It’s not a shortcut, so you can not being rich fast. If you’re beginners, you need to learning and testing continuously
  • Invest some money in software and depend on your Ads

What do they Offer?

Immediately, I was directed to the first day of the training where I learned about the ‘ABC Overview’. The video has over 20 minutes long, but basically, it covers the path of the process you need to know before you start promoting the program.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Day 1 - ABC Overview
Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Day 1 – ABC Overview

The training in the following days continues on from day 1 to day 13.

The new video will unlock in the next day. You will learn and do the homework they give every day.

Is It Really FREE?

Yes, It is FREE.

So someone will ask me.

“Hey, as you said it’s really helpful and more benefit, so why they give it away for FREE?”

In Fact, the course has $997 value. But they’re still giving away for FREE because:

  • They want to get more people to use Clickfunnels software.
  • If you can make money from this course, it means they have more clients too.

This is a “ Win-Win” game.

So these are the reason why the goal of them is trying to help you make a ton of money as you can.

What if I Don’t have Clickfunnels Account?

Now, You have 2 choices.

Number #1: Start Clickfunnels today with 14 Days trial for FREE. After 14 days you will pay $97. So with $97 you can use clickfunnels 44 days.

In fact, the training has only 13 days. So with 44 days if you’re working hard, you will be making some money. Then use that for clickfunnels payment.

Number #2: You can use another platform to build the funnel (Builderall, Leadpages, thrive theme,…)

In my opinion, you need to use clickfunnels. Because

  • You do not pay anything in the first 14 days.
  • They only use Clickfunnels to build the sales funnel in their training.
  • Read Clickfunnels software review to discover the benefit behind

How To Sign-Up?

This time to start register Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

Step #1: visit Click the button “Join the 100 Day challenge(FREE) Now.

affiliate bootcamp sign in - Funnel Secrets
Affiliate Bootcamp sign-up

Step #2: Fill in your information and you will be directed to the member area. Now, you can watch the first video and start the journey.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Analysis

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel software that helps any entrepreneurs build their own sales funnel fast and easy without relying On A Team Of Techies!

To get more detail about it you can read the review here.

Watch video introduce below to see how it work.


Affiliate Bootcamp is where they training people how to sell Clickfunnels and other products as an affiliate.

What Do they cover?

In this training, they will teach you step by step how to sell products with the sales funnel. The course has 13 videos. Duration of each video has over 20 minutes long.

Day #1: ABC Overview

In this video, Russell gives an overview of how you as an Affiliate can become profitable driving traffic into a funnel that sells Clickfunnels and related products.

How to spending money on ads and earning commissions then you become profitable as quickly as possible!

Day #2: Your Follow-Up Funnel

In Day #2, they teach you how to create the first funnel and place the email in your funnel.

Day #3: Funnel Bait

  • How to style design the landing page
  • Setup and redirect them to one of the Clickfunnels offers

Day #4: The Dream 100

Traffic is very important if you want to get more sales. So, in this video Russell share with you “The Dream 100” Concept.

This is one of the fastest ways to “hack traffic”.

Day #5: Today We Start Traffic

Facebook Ads Tutorial for beginners

Day #6: Finding Your Dream Customers

In this video, they will teach you how to use the Facebook Audience Insights tool to find your dream customers.

So, make sure every dollar spent reaches the viewers you need.

Day #7: Over The Shoulder

Watch them set-up the Facebook Ads campaign from A-Z

Day #8: Our Big Secret

The simple tips to get hot market results with cold traffic on Facebook.

Day #9 The Podcast Trick

How to use the podcast to generate lead (You do not need to have your own podcast)

Day #10 Youtube Hack

How to use videos on youtube to generate lead without creating any video

Day #11 The Share Funnel Secret

how to use share funnels feature of clickfunnels as bait to attract new customers for your offers.

Day #12 Ninja Traffic Bonus

How to use Facebook pixel to retarget visitors and convert them to buyers

Day #13 The Next 88 Days…

Now, you have everything you need to become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate.

So in this video, Russell Brunson share with you exactly what you need to do in the futures.


How To Unlock All Video In Affiliate Bootcamp Member Area Fast?

As I said before, the next video will unlock in the next day.

If you want to learn faster. It very easy!

In the Member area, Click on Unlock All Tab Button

Affiliate Bootcamp member area

Click to send a message

Check your facebook inbox, They will send the link to unlock all video.

Make sure to save that link to visit again.

Affiliate Bootcamp training unlock all videos

Who is behind the program?

Russell Brunson - CEO clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp has been created by Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels team.

Russell Brunson is a co-founder of clickfunnels, author of best seller books (Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets)

I introduce about Russell Brunson in Dotcom Secrets review. You can get more detail inside that page or visit

Do They Have Support?

Yes, if you have any question about clickfunnels technical you can email to [email protected].

They also have a facebook group for Affiliate Bootcamp member where they share the strategy, case study, motivations,…If you have any question you can post in this group and the member will help you.

Clickfunnels avengers affiliate group

Click here to join Avenger group

Note: Remember, Don’t promote or sell anything in this group if you do not want to ban

Does it work for beginners?

Yes, as you can see in the content of the course. It designed for beginners like how to set-up a Facebook Ads campaign, how to style and design your funnel,…

So don’t worry about that.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Affiliate Bootcamp created to help you sell clickfunnels products as an affiliate.

Now, we go deep into it.

When you become Clickfunnels Affiliate members, many of good products in there are waiting for you (Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Funnel Scripts,…)


ClickFunnels Pays 40% Commissions for all products.

They also have sticky cookies to help you get the best result

  • If someone registers webinar on their phone or in the office. Then they watch it at home and buy the product. You still get paid!
  • When people buy the front end product. In the futures, if they purchase any of their other products. You still get paid.

Sound good?

How to withdraw money?

ClickFunnels commissions are paid weekly on Wednesday after the 30 day refund period. You can earn the money through PayPal or check as long as you have a minimum of $50 earned.

Clickfunnels tax form
Clickfunnels tax form

Important, make sure you complete the tax form. They only paid commissions when you completed it.

What is your dream car?

I’m really excited about this program.

As soon as you have 100 Clickfunnels active members, then you get your DREAM CAR.

They also give you $500 per month.

When you have 200 Clickfunnels active members. They give you $1000 per month

To get more detail about “Dream Car” you can click the link below to learn more, register clickfunnels affiliate programs and start the journey.



Does Clickfunnels Affiliate Compete?

No, it does not compete.

Fact, they have some of the biggest affiliate marketers in the world promoting Clickfunnels like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Pen Joon, Robert Kiyosaki,...and all there people who have a huge email list.

I went through the Affiliate Bootcamp training course and I see they do process same way that they’re teaching you.

Landing page, opt-in, traffic and done

It’s not be complicated.

Just going to test it, do it and keep do it until you success with it.

Remember, The only difference between super affiliates and you is action.

How Much Money do I need To Invest to start?

You need to invest for 3 things

Sales funnel software:

  • Clickfunnels: 14 days free trial + $97/month
  • Thrive Architect: $67 (if you use WordPress – It does not include the cost for hosting and theme and another plugin)
  • Lead Pages: $48/month (without Integrations with Hubspot)
  • And another platform

Email Marketing:

  • Getresponse: $15/month + 30 days free trial
  • Active Campaign: 17$/month (up to 3 users)
  • Convertkit: $29/month
  • And more


Depend on your experience and what platform you use to set Ads. It’s may be:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Adword
  • Bing Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Banner
  • Youtube

With me, I start with Clickfunnels and Getresponse. Becauseause I have 14 days free trial( Clickfunnels) and 30 Days free trial ( Getresponse).

I can save some money to invest in Ads and get traffic. So,If you’re used to running Facebook ads before, this is the best way to start. Otherwise, it will waste your money.

And solo ads is a simple way to generate lead and testing your sales funnel.

Then If you doing well, you will be sold in the first time.


Clickfunnels Affiliate bootcamp review Russell brunson

Name: Affiliate Bootcamp

Price: FREE

Niche: Sales/ Marketing/ Affiliate

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program:

Clickfunnels 14 Days Free trial: Click here

My Final Thought

What I Love About  Affiliate Bootcamp and Clickfunnels Program?

  • It’s FREE
  • Step by step guide
  • Great Communicate and support
  • 40% commission, sticky cookies
  • Easy to follow

What I didn’t like?

No, it’s perfect to earn with me

My Recommendations

Now, start your journey today, build your funnel and testing until you have success with it. Sometimes the first two or three offers won’t connect with your audience. That’s okay. Just keep trying.

Before you leave, Check out other products by Russell Brunson here:

Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook

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Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp
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4 thoughts on “Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2018: Free Affiliate Training Programs”

  1. Videos are missing steps. Not setup for beginners. Maybe people who have some knowledge can attempt to fill in the missing pieces not in the videos, but then the problem with that is you are no longer following the system and guessing what’s supposed to be there. So there is a guarantee everyone’s results will be different. Because these videos were not well put together to offer TRUE step-by-step WITHOUT leaving out pieces, this is hardly worth your time. I’ve spent well over 10 hours trying to fill in the holes and I’ve not even reached the 4th video yet (there are a total of 12-13 videos). Basically, the first 1 or two videos gives you a good idea that the rest of the videos will have holes and missing pieces of important information as well. And for this I do not recommend anyone waste their time. I was going to offer a service to put this together for people who don’t want to fill in the gaps, but there are just way too many holes to make this worth it. If their staff is reading this, FIX YOUR SHIT! If you do not know how to write REAL step-by-step instructions, then find a skilled writer or person who can literally record their steps in detail and having an onscreen recorder you should NOT have missed anything, but somehow you managed to dig holes in your own training leaving people dumbfounded and not willing to move forward. I personally have canceled the trial on DAY 1 even having all the links — it’s worthless with so many holes MISSING IMPORTANT information. Disappointed.

    1. Hi Richard, thank you for your comment.

      As you said before, you cancel on DAY 1 and you think it like shit. I think it’s not fair…
      So the reason why I said it still works for the beginner because:
      _ They teach you how to build the funnel
      _ They teach you how to general traffic (Facebook ads tutorial, youtube, podcast, Dream 100,…)
      All the thing you that need to affiliate marketing.
      Of course, you can learn it somewhere on the internet. That’s good.
      But what I want to share here for beginners is the FREE course.

      That’s all

      It takes about 2 mins for opt-in and watches the video. If you think this like shit.
      OK, you can leave.

      You’re not losing anything, right?

      And the last thing I would like to share with you is the CLickfunnels affiliate group has over 46K members.
      Most of them get the money by this strategy.


  2. I blog quite often and I really thank you for your information. This great article has really peaked my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details about once per week. I opted in for your Feed too.

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