10x Secrets Masterclass Review Russell Brunson

10x Secrets Masterclass by Russell Brunson will is a practical, done-for-you blueprint help business owner sell their products or services to the masses.

Unpack the principles, process, scripts, and psychology that Russell used to sell over $3,000,000 in 90 minutes on Grant Cardone’s 10x stage last February.

Now, before we go deep into, you could watch the video trailer by Russell Brunson below:

10x secrets masterclass button

[su_note note_color=”#164771″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]Attention: 10X Secrets Masterclass has been Closed, Now If you click the link, it will be directed to the video 90 minutes 10X Secrets presentation that helps Russell Brunson made $3,000,000 dollars (Include the resources help you become successful) [/su_note]

10x Secrets Masterclass By Russell Brunson 2018


10x secrets masterclass

Name: 10x Secrets Masterclass

Sign-up Page: 10xSecrets.com 

Status: Close

Launch day: 8, November – 18, November 2018

Update: 8/11 – 10X Secrets has been launch

Price: $297

My vote: 4.8/5

Update 18/11: 10X Secrets Masterclass has been closed

What is 10x Secrets Masterclass?

10x Secrets Masterclass created by Russell Brunson who sold $3.2 million in sales with just 90 minutes presentation at 10X Growth event of Grant Cardone’s

russell brunson 10x growth

Now, in this class, he will teach you exactly how he did it. The step-by-step process that they used to had $3 million in new Clickfunnels memberships.

That include:

  • The Sales Psychology.
  • The Precise Sequence and Scripting.
  • Micro-Commitments, Pacing, and Offer Structure.

This is exact training for people who bought their offer at 10x Growth with a BUNCH Of Extras.

And so they call the program is 10X Secrets.

The benefit of 10x secrets masterclass

Now, to help you understand what inside this class and why you need it. I will show you what you will get inside the training.

After you buy it, you will get 3 training sessions (this is a step-by-step instruction and has over 5.5 hours) that Russell uses every time he speaks to earn more than other speakers.

You learn and master the art of selling to the masses.

Sound good?

Now, we go deep into each section

10x secrets masterclass logo

Session 1: Creating An Irresistible Offer

In the first training, he will teach you how to create an irresistible offer.

Again, this is a step-by-step guide for you. Once you create an incredible offer, your audience can’t want to say no!

10x secrets masterclass review - creating an irresistible offer

He will show you:

  • How to find a niche where you don’t worry about competitors. This is what they call ” Blue Ocean” and you will learn about how to create it.
  • There’s absolutely zero advantage to having the 2nd cheapest product out there. So they will teach you how to get OUT of the bank-breaking “race-to-the-bottom” price wars.
  • How to offer your product and your audience will pull out their credit cards and buy, buy and buy!

10x secrets masterclass logo

Session 2: The Perfect Webinar

If you familiar with Russell Brunson, then you can see he create a lot of webinars (and he do it as well). You can watch the webinar that he created here:

He offers together all the products that have thousand dollars. In this session, he will figure out “what does he actually say in his speech to make them jump up and BUY the products?” 

10x secrets masterclass - perfect webinar

Imagine, what if everything that you needed to say was already mapped out for you?

Russell Brunson will teach you how to weave all the crucial sales-elements into your presentation, such as:

  • Create a sexy HOOK that keeps your visitors watching over 2 minutes in the first time.
  • Structure the BIG DOMINO in your presentation that helps your viewer believe EVERYTHING and do correctly what you tell

10x secrets masterclass logo

Session #3: How Russell Brunson Made 3 Million Dollars in 90 mins at 10X growth con?

In this session, he will show you behind the sense of the presentation. every few minutes he would pause the video and explain with you What he did and the reason why he did it.

10x secrets - everyone pull out and turn on flashlight
Everyone pull out and turn on the flashlight

For example, 

  • Why everyone pulls out and turn on their flashlight?
  • How to tell the personal stories to your audience and make them want to buy your product.
  • If you watch the video carefully, you can see he tries to closes 3-4 times. Not only the end presentation. And he will explain it in 10x secrets masterclass
  • And so much more

Watch New Secrets Funnel Strategy Now!

Who needs to join the Masterclass?

This is not just for people doing live events but for anyone who wants to sell anything. Russell knows that to get people to buy your products it’s not just what you say, but how you say and present it…
This is not just for selling on stages, events or webinars.
They have included everything anyone will need to sell ANYTHING. So if you are wondering “who is this product for?
  • Podcasters
  • Stage Presenters
  • Trying To Grow Your Social Following
  • Facebook Lives
  • Webinars
  • The door to Door Sales
  • Convincing Your Spouse To Go On Vacation
  • Getting A Raise at Work
Clickfunnels have people in every market and niche who are using these same teachings in their own businesses! 
They use it to sell EVERYTHING you can dream of, like:
  •  Supplements…
  •  Real estate…
  •  Software…
  •  Weight Loss…
  •  Copywriting…
  •  Investing & Wealth management…
  •  Skincare…
  •  Pet Supplies…
  •  Gym membership…
  •  Chiropractic…
  •  Coaching/Consulting…
  •  Dental…
  •  Sports/fitness training…
  •  Interior Decorating…
  •  and many, many more!

Once you want to generate traffic, convert and sell online, this program is right for you. Russell Brunson will teach you how to create your mass movement and share your message to your audience.

You just only “copy” and deploy their detailed, carefully choreographed strategy from A to Z – and use it to generate massive sales and income.

When Online Mastery Program Launch?

10x Secrets Russell brunson launch

10x Secrets masterclass already launched. Click the link below to visit that page

Get Started With 10X Secrets Masterclass Today!

10x Secrets Russell Brunson: Offer & Upsell

10X secrets masterclass review russell brunson - pricing

They offer 10x Secrets masterclass with $297

After you buy it, here are some upsell product:

  • 10x secrets the slide: $47
  • 10x Closing Secrets: $297
  • The Virtual FHAT (Funnel Hack A Thon): $497

10X Secrets Masterclass Bonus

Most people might think “Hey, My business is different..”. So, does it work for me?

In fact, many peoples in every market are using this script and process to sell millions of dollars. Like:

  • Katie in the Pregnancy/ Moms-To-Be Niche
  • or Allison in several businesses

This swipe and process like a recipe. When you control and master it, you can sell any product or service that you want. And it works as well

After buying the product, you will receive this huge bonus below:

Bonus #1: The 10X Secrets Swipe File

bonus 1 the 10x secrets swipe file

Russell going to gives you his personal “MILLION dollars webinars swipe file”. That includes both  the video and audio recordings of webinars like:

  • “Funnel Hack” Webinars…
  • “LadyBoss” webinar…
  • “Funnel Builder Secrets” webinar…
  • “Software Secrets” webinar…
  • “Funnel Scripts” webinar…

Now, Get the 10x secrets today and get 10x secrets “Million dollars SWIPE file” for FREE

Bonus #2: The Perfect Webinar “HACK”

bonus 2 The Perfect Webinar “HACK”

Russell love webinars, right?

After he shares the idea of the webinar to help people sell their product or service, most people like me really excited.

But after that they realize they’re:

  • A blogger
  • Sell physical product
  • Freelancer
  • Agency
  • Local Business

I’m not selling on the webinar. So why I need to get it?

The answer is you still need it. Why?

In his community – two comma club, they’re using the perfect webinar scripts to grow their business to million dollars company.

When you get 10x secrets masterclass, Russell Brunson will show you 2 interviews that show HOW you can use perfect webinar scripts in the different niche:

10x secrets masterclass bonus interview

Bonus #3: The Perfect Webinar Funnel

bonus 3 the perfect webinar funnel

Now, have the scripts and know how to sell your product, right?

The next question is how do you get people sign-up to your webinar? how to make them interest with you?

In this bonus, Russell will show you exactly what he did on webinar funnel. He will show you all the page that you need on the webinar sales funnel.

  • Page 1, page 2, page 3,…
  • How to write the email sequences, the indoctrination sequences, Pre-seduction sequences…
  • How to make all of it logic then double your sales
  • He also GIVING you a very special presentation by this guy (master of the webinar) that he calls Mr.X 
mr X - 10x secrets masterclass bonus
Mr. X who speaking at the first Funnel Hacking Live

Now, when you buy 10X Secrets, there are three bonus you will get:

  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  • The SHARE Funnel For A Webinar Funnel
  • Mr. X’s Funnel Hacking LIVE recording

And you also get the $50,000 INSANE BONUS!

It’s really really awesome.

I do not talk about it here. Because I believe you must visit 10x secrets page to discover it.

everything you get in 10X secrets masterclass Russell Brunson

Watch New Secrets Funnel Strategy Now!

This is a bonus If you buy 10x secrets from me

I’m giving you 10X GrowthCon tickets when you purchase 10X Secrets through my affiliate link…

Only give away to first 10 people who buy from me.

10X GrowthCon tickets

To get the free ticket to 10X GrowthCon you must:

  • Send me a copy of your receipt to email admin@funnelsecrets.us
  • This is valid from today through Wednesday, November 13th 12 PM MST
  • We will verify all purchases 

10X GrowthCon tickets give away: Available

Want more? The video review exactly what you will get after you buy 10x secrets

Watch New Secrets Funnel Strategy Now!


Those are some information about 10x Secrets Masterclass. If you are a business owner, management, marketers,… you need to attend it.

If you have read Dotcom Secrets book and Expert Secrets book before. Or you join any training class of Russell.

It’s awesome!

Now, click here to visit the page and sign-up.

Now, The 10X secrets masterclass has been closed!

But, the good news is you can watch the presentation of Russell today FREE (Include all the resources help you successful). If you have no time, He also provides the transcripts on this page.

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