What is Sales Funnel - Increase conversions with marketing Funnel

What is Sales Funnel ? – Increase conversions with marketing Funnel

What is Sales Funnel ? – Increase conversions with marketing Funnel
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You can see many people, companies use the Internet to do business. And we can make a lot of money from that. But now it is really very competitive. Costs are high when many people advertise. This is a simple way that many marketers around the world use to grow their business, increase conversions and optimize traffic to help them save a lot of money. It’s a Sales Funnel

What is Sales Funnel? How to Increase conversion with marketing funnel



Are you want a SHORTCUT: Low traffic or conversions are symptoms of a much greater problem that's a little harder to see (that's the bad news), but a lot easier to fix( that a good news). Inside you will find the actual playbook has been created after running thousands of tests and perfecting what works online. you now have access to all of the processes, funnels and scripts that many success companies use to scale companies online.

What is Sales Funnel? Sales funnel definitions

Sales Funnel  Very simply this is a system then through that you can educate your customers, bring more value to them. So they will be happy and easy to buy the product. Sales Funnels Include many steps have been Connect together and become a system.

The secret of the top marketers in the world is the Sales Funnel. If you have a good sales Funnel, you will increase conversions and get higher sales.


What is sales funnel

What is inside the Sales Funnel?

Depending on the purpose of use there will be different types of Sales Funnel.But it will have 3 main parts
Front – End, Middle and Back -End

Inside Fron-End Funnels, They often use lead magnets (ebook, worksheet, free trial, review, case study, ..) and if they want to get more value from you. Visitors should provide you their information. It can be a Name, Email, Phone, … And when you have their information, you can easily build a good relationship. If you have a lot of potential customers, it’s easy to advertise your product with $0. It sounds great?

That is the reason why so many marketers always said “Money in the leads.

The lead magnets no need always free. It can be free, free trial, free + shipping cost, low price, …

Here is an example of Best Funnel with Free + Shipping cost. That is Expert Secrets book. The book very cool

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Inside Middle Funnel: They usually offer average priced products on the value ladder. In this step, remember you not only focus sales, sales, and sales. You need to share with them value, good information to help your subscribers solve their problems. It makes your brand, you look like an expert. (People just buy a product that can help them solve the problem quickly and cheaply. They want to buy it from an expert who can help them deal it. )

sales funnel meaning


Back – End Funnel: Now we offer a good product to the customer. The products with more priced, more profit, more value. But if you want them to buy it, you need to build a good relationship in Front-end, and Middle Funnel.

When your subscriber becomes your raving fan. They easily pay too much to get your product if they can. It didn’t  stop here. They can introduce you to their friends and you can have many new customers for free. And I say it’s referral marketing.


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