Sales Funnel Tutorials – Create Your Conversion Funnel

Now you find an overview of all tutorials I made. There are tutorials on how to create a sales funnel that convert (Or conversion funnel) in Clickfunnels or another plugin (Example: Wordpress plugin)

I want you to look at each funnel as a huge cake, and each of the pages you just learned about now become ingredients in these funnels…

conversion funnel - Funnel secrets

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I started to look at all of the possible types of funnels that someone could create for every type of business and every type of situation. There are literally millions of possible variations, but as I started to really dig deep. I found that there are 22 types of funnels that cover almost every possible situation for almost any type of business or industry!

You could tweak these funnels by adding presale pages, or adding more upsells, etc… but the framework of these 22 are the foundation of all good funnels. We’ve broken down these funnels into four types:

  1. Lead Funnels: These funnels are specifically for generating leads, applications, and contact information for your future customers.
  2. Buyer Funnels: These funnels are structured in a way to get someone to actually pay you inside of the funnel. They have integrated shopping carts, one-click upsells, down sales and more.
  3. Event Funnels: These funnels are for hosting events like webinars, automated webinars, etc.
  4. Other Funnels: There are other funnels that are useful that don’t really fit into any of the situations above.

They are included here inside of other funnels.

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