Marketing funnel- Creating a sales funnel for your business in 2018

Marketing funnel: Creating a sales funnel for your business in 2018

Marketing funnel: Creating a sales funnel for your business in 2018
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Creating a sales funnel for your business. Today I’m speaking about creating a marketing funnel for your particular business. And in this post, I will show you sales funnel meaning, example, and software to help you grow your business.

Before we go. You just know some information about that. I have written a post before that talk about internet marketing sales funnel you can read it here

Now Let’s get started.


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Marketing funnel- Creating a sales funnel for your business in 2018

 Sales pipeline or Digital marketing funnel  is a key help you succeed on the internet


Sales funnel meaning

Now I’m going to start off with actually explaining what is sales funnel. Very simple a sales funnel is the process that a company will lead a customer through. And normally these funnels are designed to get the maximum amount of profits for the company.

Sales Funnel meaning - sales stages marketing funnel profitable

Funnel example – Case study of Amazon

So I’m actually going to show an example of Amazon’s website and hopefully, you can relate to this. Because Amazon is such a huge website, you’ve probably bought products from Amazon before.

So as you can see I’ve actually typed iPad into the search bar here on Amazon. And I’ve actually clicked on this particular iPad air.

Amazon website funnel

If I scroll down a little bit you will see where it says frequently bought together. Now, this is a way of Amazon not just selling me the iPad. But also trying to upsell me and trying to make more profits from me through their sales funnel website.

Amazon frequently bought - funnel strategy

Now you will also notice if you’ve bought from Amazon before. If I add this particular iPad to my cart but I abandoned the cart. So let’s say I delete the item out of my cart and I don’t go back to Amazon again.

Within the next few days, I’m going to get a few emails from Amazon – saying:

“Hey you put this into your cart a few days ago are you still interested in buying this.”

You may also notice that this particular iPad will continuously follow you around the internet. Because what Amazon will do is actually place a cookie on your website. Which basically means that they have access to your IP address. And they can advertise to you when you’re on Facebook, YouTube or many different other websites.

You’ll notice that this particular iPad will keep showing up to you. If you’ve added it to your car and Amazon believe that you are likely to buy that.

Now, these are just a few of the tactics that Amazon use to help generate more sales for their particular business. Not only that, they keep you buying more and more products. That is a reason why Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world.  Because they understand how to:

  • Create funnels process. 
  • Attract people not just to buy what they came on the website to buy.

But also how to upsell them and sometimes how to down sell them and most importantly they understand how to create a business funnel that really works.

Why you need building funnel page for your business?

Now online marketing funnel can also help you in your particular business whether you sell products or services, and it’s very easy to create these sales funnels as well.

You don’t need to be a fancy coder or a web designer to have all of these things in place. I’m going to show you throughout the course of this post.

How you can actually create sales funnel for your particular business on a shoestring budget now again I want to stress the importance of creating sales funnel for your particular products or services.

Having a sales funnel will not only help you sell more units, but also help you to upsell some of your clients. So when someone buys a particular product from you, you can actually suggest to them the other products within your inventory that they may also like.

And if they don’t want to buy your upsells you can actually suggest to them a down sale – a less expensive product that is also in your inventory. That they might want to buy as well.

This is a way to get rid of some of your stock, a little bit quicker and also attract more attention to your products.

Sales funnel software

So now I’m going to be focusing on how you can create your own marketing funnel to help you generate more sales to your products and services online and to do this.

I’m going to be using a software called click funnels now I am an affiliate for click funnels and if you click the link below it will be my affiliate link that will take you straight to this software.

Clickfunnels software

But I’m going to show you exactly how you can use this software to help you create seamless funnels for sale that will help you generate more sales to your products and services.

Why Clickfunnels?

  1. No code
  2. Low cost
  3. Pretty template funnel
  4. Easy to Use
  5. More..

Clickfunnel vs website


You can watch video introduce of Click funnels here:


Some pretty inside Clickfunnel – example for you

So as you can see it show all funnels template and this will show you all of the templates that they already have. So once you get your click funnels membership you actually have access to these templates and you can edit them how you like.

sales funnel example

There’s a lot of training inside of click funnels. So once you become a click funnels member you don’t have to get stuck because there’s a lot of helpful tutorials in there as well, which can teach you how to edit the pages, how to create your own funnels.

Copy of real stuff funnel on Clickfunnels

But I’m just going to use an example here for this particular post, I’m going to use this funnel which is copy of real stuff funnel and I have a really great opening this tab.

So I’m just going to click over here so you can see what it looks like when you get your click funnels account and as you can see here if I scroll down a little bit you will see that.

copy of real stuff funnel

This is what the actual page will look like. So this is the first page in my sales funnel people will come to this products page. And if I click this edit page right here then I can actually edit how this particular page will look.

But another really cool thing I wanted to show you where you can measure the analytics of these pages. So say for example you’re paying for people to come to this particular page. You can measure how many visitors you had you can measure, how many people buy from you, and it’s a really cool way to actually measure how effective that particular page is being for you.

You can also create a variation. So if you need to do split testing which is basically where you create two different landing pages. You send say a hundred people to one particular landing page, and one hundred people to another landing page.

And you see which one gets better sales for you about opt-ins for you. Then you can actually choose to do that quite easily using click funnels.

Sales Page look like

If I go to the top here you can see this is how my particular sales page will look. So once people actually click on my link that I send them either through a pay-per-click marketing campaign or however I drive traffic to that particular link.

I would send people to this page where they can make a purchase of my product. So if we actually go back now to the editor, you’ll see this one-time offer page. So once somebody has gone to that initial sales page and they click the Add to button.

Normally people would just go, and your customers will probably just go and buy your product or abandoned cart and not buy your products.

But with Clickfunnels instead of having people add something to your cart and only buy that product and you only make a capped amount of money from that particular client.

OTO Page – one-time offer page

clickfunnels one time offer

You can actually send them to a one-time offer page or an upsell page. And this is the one-time offer page here.

As you can see it looks a little bit like this, it says last chance to get this. So literally you can say to your customers buy one, get one free and this is a one-time offer.


You’re not going to see this again. This is similar basically to what Amazon does when they try and upsell you additional products.

OTO Page website pipeline marketing

So hopefully Now you have a better understanding of what sales funnel meaning. And you can leverage the use of click funnels to help you to create one quickly and easily and most importantly profitable.

Now you can click here to trial click funnels. So don’t forget click the like button and make sure you share this with your friend. If you have any additional comments or questions then leave them for me in the comment section down below.

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