Marketing funnel definition for business 2018 - What's a marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel definition for business 2018 – What’s a marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel definition for business 2018 – What’s a marketing funnel?
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Marketing funnel definition for business 2018. Few day ago, I received many questions about my follower.  The question is “what’s a marketing funnel?”. So if you’ve been on my blog, you’ve probably heard me talking about marketing funnel and sales funnel. It has created a significant amount of financial reward by figuring out this puzzle. That is a marketing funnel.

Some business owners are moving away from the term “marketing funnel” because they think it’s too mechanical or simplistic to describe the lead nurturing sequence by which customers move from awareness to purchase. So what is exactly a funnel? What is it talking about?

Let me clarify that.


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Marketing funnel definition for business


Marketing funnel definition and customer journey – The best way to find your dream customers

What is customer journey? The standard, basic and familiar way

The customer journey is different in which a customer can choose you at the suggestion of their friend. Some people may choose your business because you are the first one that they find.

But for the majority of shoppers and searchers that have the standard basic familiar way are:

  1. Interact with the seller.
  2. Buy product
  3. Used product
  4. Share experiences with others
  5. And the last is change or upsell

What’s a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is a specific series of informational pieces generally. They’re going to be educational and designed to help someone, who doesn’t know:

  • Who you are?
  • You can solve their problem.
  • Doesn’t know you can help them fulfill their greatest desire.

marketing funnel definition

It introduces you to them, to your philosophies, to your ideas. And also it helps them learn, how to or get to know you.

Essentially like you, just you and at that point, it lets them know how your product or your service can solve their greatest problem.

That where the cash flow happens in between the steps.

Generally speaking, they’re going to get on your list at some point whether it’s your email list or your physical mailing list.

This isn’t a new idea even though leveraging it in these kinds of ways that we’re talking about in this blog.

So this is what I know about what’s a marketing funnel. So you can find another concept about that on Google.


We can find marketing funnel definition on Wikipedia.

Marketing funnel or purchase funnel concept is used in marketing to guide promotional campaigns targeting different stages of the customer journey, and also as a basis for customer relationship management (CRM) programmes and lead management campaigns.

– Marketing funnel Wikipedia -.

So that is a marketing funnel meaning.

Marketing funnel stages/phase – The lifetime of a lead

Phase #1: Discover and friendly

That is when customers realize they can buy the product from your website.

Customer will find out who you are? What’s your specialize? What can you do to solve their problem?

Your goal at the moment is to make them care about you so much.

Are you provide the good information that can answer their question? The post on your blog, E-book or video can help you in this step.

Phase #2: Consider

At this point, they consider buying your product. They know who you are, they like what you share and they want to learn more and more…

And now, you know about them and you can provide more content that targeted.

You need to stand out and provide more types of information that easy for understanding.

Phase #3: Conversion

This is the time to attract customers to buy from you. Explaining your product is no longer important.

Now, you need to say with them, why your product is better than another.

You can use the reviews of old customers to do this.

Phase #4: Keeping customers

This is the phase that customer going to comebacks and buy more product from you.

Or never.

The problem is how do they get back?

Remember: always excellent and unique is the key to do this. You can gift them a special offer, coupon, webinar monthly…

Some channels have been created for one purpose only. How to find customers.

It’s not profitable.

Profits from subsequent purchases from customers who have purchased the first time.

What is customer journey


Where is online marketing funnel concept come from?

It’s a little bit new, it’s kind of the leading edge of internet marketing at this point in time. But this goes back to Direct Mail and direct response marketing.

So there was a long time when kind of the basis of the communication from marketers in method was either by sending junk mail or running advertisements in magazines, newsletters or newsprint.

Essentially, they would do the same thing whether it was a direct mail piece or whether it was an advertisement.

It would offer a free report. Free report reveals the secrets to blank, you would call a phone number and the person on the other end would take your name and your address.

After that, they would mail your free report.

What is the Free report? How to use that for your business online?

Now your free report would probably be about 7 – 12 pages that really break down the problem and solution.

At the end free report, there would be an offer for you to buy their $37 or %47 product. This is front-end product.

If you purchase that product, they’ll write an Email to you. This is an even longer sales message.

Now it still solves your problem.

At the end of product, they let you know that they have $1000 or $2000 products that can help you solve your problem faster or solve an additional problem it’s always going to be relevant.

That essentially is their sales funnel.

building a marketing funnel

They use advertisements or direct mail to connect with people who don’t know who they are. Some people take a step and get on the mailing list to receive items mailed to them, which is serving two purposes.

  1. Informational: It gives them the information they’re requesting
  2. Offer their product: that will take it even further when they purchase this product. Then they get the answer that they bought. And an additional sales message that assists them in potentially purchasing more.

That how they’re transitioned this online.

What is Top funnel?

Top of the funnel is an area that we’re really trying to get people, to acquire new visitors. We want to segment these new visitors. So we want to know like more about them.

When people raise their hand on your site, we want to know what content are they hitting, where are they coming from that type of information.

And then company branding initiatives.

What is the conversion funnel?

The conversion funnel is a phrase used in e-commerce to describe the journey a consumer takes through an Internet advertising or search system, navigating an e-commerce website and finally converting to a sale. The metaphor of a funnel is used to describe the way users are guided to the goal with fewer navigation options at each step.

From Wikipedia

What is funnel marketing strategy?

Now, you know what’s a marketing funnel and get some idea about that. So now we go through exactly what is funnel marketing strategy? Or website marketing funnel.

I’ll keep it simple for you understand. And what you can do now.

They use the same sort of steps but it’s all based on web pages now and email autoresponders.

So, the first web page that a visitor will visit after clicking through your advertisement or finding you on social media or a search engine.

They’re going to offer a free report or a free video that is going to help them solve their problem. When they enter their email address to get the free video that can offer the first product in the web marketing funnel.

That product about $17 or $27 and they call it tripwires offer.

They’ve been called everything from tripwires to front-end sales to liquidating offer. Once the item is purchased do you have the opportunity to give them one-click upsell or an upsell.

That will make that process that you’re solving for them faster easier simpler.

It’ll speed up the time, it takes for them to solve the problem, whatever may be. And that’s gonna be a little different for everyone in every niche.

marketing funnel analysis

So whether it’s the old school direct marketing, direct mail which still works by the way.

A lot of marketers who still only focus on mail or whether it’s a new marketing funnel – funnel hacking kind of an aggressive online marketing funnel or at least an advanced marketing funnel.

Like we’ve covered in this channel, it serves the same purpose.

You have someone who has a problem or a desire, who doesn’t know about you. But you can help them solve their problem or achieve their desire.

They don’t yet know about you. So you run an advertisement on social media, on pay-per-click or someone else’s email list.

And you let them know for free, you’re helping them take the first step towards solving their problem. They click, enter the email address and they get the first step towards solving their problem.

You offer them a basic product that is $7 – $37 or over $47. After that, you can offer higher and higher value product.

Because once they become your customer it’s easier to sell them for more products.

They know you, like you and just you. So they’ve seen how you operate they love your ideas and they want more.

marketing funnel strategy

This is the basis of the marketing funnel. So that’s really ultimate goal. I call it an online business, it’s a lifestyle business.

But it’s all based on these kinds of putting these systems together. Because you can automate the entire process of building relationship connecting with people who are interested in what you have and converting the sales.

It can be 100% automated. So your sales funnel can do 1, 5 or 10 sales or more per day. You set it up one, you continue to refine it over time to make it more efficient and it continues to perform for you month after month, year after year.

So that what is a sale funnel or marketing funnel.

How to build a sales funnel that converts?

Russell brunson

I recommend you learn more about the funnel. You can join this funnel hack webinar of my friend Russell Brunson. It’s free webinar.

He covers some advanced funnel strategies and he talks a lot more about funnels. He’s one of few people I actually kind of like respect in this internet marketing game.

He very genuine, he’s very heartfelt and he’s on top of his game. And he one of the people I go pay attention to when he talks I listen. Join funnel hack webinar here.

How to create sales funnel page step by step.

No matter where you are today in your business and in your life you’re just one front away all right. Welcome to the funnel hacker cookbook training series you’ve gone through a lot so far.

That will talk everything you need to understand funnels.

What inside sales funnel cookbook?

funnel hacker cook book

We talked about funnel strategy, we talked about all the elements we talked about the pages and now we’re talking about what pages go into each of the different funnel recipes.

This is my favorite part is where all the pieces should start 

making sense and we’re gonna go over 22 different funnel types.

But the end we’re talking about what funnel is actually the most important one for you. So sit back relax have some fun and I’ll see you guys in the training.

Sales funnel software – The weapon to Creating a marketing funnel

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels softwareClickfunnels is a software that has been designed by Russell Brunson. It’s can create your funnel page very easy.

Clickfunnels though came out of nowhere they took the marketplace by storm. It’s just like Apple did when they first launched the iPhone.

It was not a linear move anymore, it was a quantum move an improvement. That’ll open up a gap to allow people just like you and me who are:

  • Not technically.
  • We are not engineers.
  • Not computer science.

How Clickfunnels work?

Just only 3 step

  1. Pick your sales funnel.
  2. Pick the page design.
  3. Modify the page
  4. Done

Used Clickfunnels for?

  • E-commerce
  • Information Products
  • Professional Services
  • Retail (Selling to Consumers)
  • Network Marketing
  • Business to business
  • Affiliate marketing

So if you want to learn more about that you can read my post called Clickfunnels review 2018.

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