How to create lead magnet that convert

How To Create A Lead magnet That Convert And Checklist Step By Step

How To Create A Lead magnet That Convert And Checklist Step By Step
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How to create a lead magnet that actually converts? I’m so excited to help you create that perfect lead magnet that grows your email list every single day. I know this is going to be an absolute game changer for your business’ marketing and growth strategies, no matter what stage of the game you’re in.

Now, all of us know how important it is to really build up our email list with sales funnel if we’re doing any kind of business online. And the first step in building your email us is capturing names and emails through giving away something

If you don’t know what lead magnet is, it’s just some kind of bribe. It’s usually a content piece or discounts something that you give your website visitors and your social media followers and exchange for them actually giving you access to their inbox. So what really makes it amazing? we’re going to find out now.


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What do you need to create amazing lead magnet?

Before we go you can watch the video below or go to this page to understand what is a lead magnet

You just have planning

What really makes the perfect lead magnet? That’s going to allow you to grow your email list consistently.

Because your audience, your prospects are going to want to devour your content. So we’re going to go into the planning phase specifically. Because this is really important.

  • Why specificity is crucial?
  • How to brainstorm profitable ideas?
  • Validating before you spend ANY of your precious time creating it.

A lot of times we’ll start creating content and then we won’t really have a clear plan in terms of validating that idea. We spend tons of hours maybe even money paying a designer to get it set up for us.

And then it just flops, it just doesn’t do very well.

So we’re going to avoid that by validating our ideas and we’re going to start by talking about specificity and why it’s so important now.

The reason why I don’t really recommend doing resource libraries is: Because lead magnet solves a specific problem right.

There small chunks of wisdom or small chunks of value that you impart to your audience and exchange their email.

But they’re also solving a very specific problem.

Now don’t take this like I’m trying to be critical or I’m you know just not being not trying to be nice.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about resource libraries and I definitely think that they work as powerful.

But not something that should be your main focus especially on your website.

I definitely don’t recommend just creating a free resource library for online entrepreneurs. Because you don’t know what specific problems they’re going to have right?

Okay you’re interested in blogging, or you’re interested in Facebook ads, or you’re interested in design. And that’s more of an advanced strategy.

But if I just give you all of my resources in the resource library. I have no idea what you’re interested in learning next, or what you know might be a good fit for you down the line in terms of a paid offer.

So specificity is extremely important.

You want to solve one specific problem with your lead magnet right? And giving access to people to all the free resources you have.

  1. Might be very overwhelming.
  2. They’re probably not going to consume half of them.
  3. You’re not going to know what specific problem they have.
  4. You’re not solving a specific tangible problem for them.

I don’t think that is a best way

Make your Lead Magnet Especially

Specificity is super important and you want to ask yourself these three questions:

  • What’s the specific problem my lead magnet is going to solve for my audience?
  • Who is designed to help?
  • What outcome or result will your audience have?

Again that solves their problems and their pain points.

If you have already created some awesome lead magnet. Maybe it’s some kind of video series, or maybe it’s a template, checklist or some kind of discount.

I want you to go back and really think through what is that one problem that we’re solving with this, and how can I make it as specific as possible to my individual audience.

Lead Magnet checklist

  1. Decide on a lead magnet type:

Spend a little time brainstorming which type will be most valuable for your business.

Although you want to make sure your first lead magnet is a simple one, it still needs to be very valuable in order to be effective. You really want to think about what your audience needs most.

  1. Outline the content:

Get organized and make sure you have a clear idea of the content your lead magnet will include.

Remember, you want to make sure that is providing amazing value even if your prospect never buys from you.

  1. Write, design or hire it out:

Now it’s time to take action. Take a few hours to write or design your lead magnet. You want to make sure it is very valuable and it is designed properly but you also don’t want to get stuck in this step. Take 2-3 days at the most to design it.

  1. Review :

You want to make sure your lead magnet is free of any grammar typos and/or works properly. Hire an editor or ask a colleague to edit or test your lead magnet before it goes live.

  1. Create your graphics:

Now it’s time to pretty up your lead magnet. Make sure to design great cover art if you are creating a PDF or eye-catching graphics to promote on your website and social media.

You can use Canva, Place It or BoxShot King to help with this process. You can also hire out a designer at 99 Designs or Upwork to give it a more professional look.

  1. Select a channel to deliver your lead magnet.

If that is a PDF, audio or video, you can use a tool like Amazon S3 to store it and deliver it. Amazon S3 will generate a link you can then send to your prospects via an automated email through your email marketing provider (MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, etc.).

Once they click on the link they’ve received they will be able to access your lead magnet. If you have any other type of media such as a quiz or a coupon code, map out how you will deliver your lead magnet.

  1. Design your opt-in page.

This is how your prospects will be able to enter their email address in exchange for your lead magnet. We discussed a few different tools you can utilize to create your landing page. Select the tool that fits your needs and get to work designing your opt-in page on your website (OptimizePress, Unbounce or LeadPages).

If you don’t have a website yet, don’t worry. You can publish a page stand-alone page via LeadPages in a few minutes.

  1. Write your delivery email.

This is your last step, but a very important one. Make sure to write a simple email in which you deliver your lead magnet if this applies to you. In almost every instance you will need a delivery email. This process should be completely automated.

Check with your email marketing tool so you can deliver this email as an autoresponder.

This way the email will be sent automatically whenever a new prospect joins your email list.

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