What is lead magnet_ Building your email list with lead magnet funnel

What is Lead Magnet? Building Your Email List With Lead Magnet Funnel

What is Lead Magnet? Building Your Email List With Lead Magnet Funnel
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Today we talk about lead magnet funnel. Do you hear about that like I have a new free report for you guys? It’s a brand new checklist. You can download for free and inside we’re going to walk through every single step that is required for you to get more traffic for example. And after that, if you want to get that, you need to give an email address for them.

So that is an example of the lead magnet. And many marketers do that to build an email list. Now we going to talk about lead magnet and how to create lead magnet funnel to help you build a list.

So let get started!


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Marketing funnel strategy: Create perfect lead magnet funnel that converts

What is the lead magnet?

A lead magnet as we learned before is a giveaway that you give to a person in exchange for their email address.

So some examples include an e-book a guide a free product, or service access to a course, or access to something it could be a membership site, or a forum, or anything like that.

It depends on your business model, it depends if you are selling products then it might be good to give a free product.

That’s related to your products or whatever you’re selling: If you are selling a service it might be good to give a free guide that’s related to your service. So that people can get to know what kind of knowledge do you have? How can you help them? So that they then, in turn, will trust you a little bit more.

What does the Lead magnet must have?

Your lead magnet must be related to your site content or niche:

It might be easy to say:

  • Hey, I have this video series.
  • Today, I have this book that I was writing.
  • Well, I wrote this guide on this other website.
  • I wrote this guide on my website.

That might work. But if that’s not directly related to your main brand topic, your main idea that you are trying to sell to people through your website,

Then it’s not going to work. Because you’re not going to be able to sell people products. After they have downloaded, or signed up for your newsletter, and downloaded your lead magnet.

So you have it related to your site.

High quality/useful

The next thing is that it has to be high quality. People aren’t done anymore and they weren’t done before.

Example: My lead magnet is 10 ways to make a million dollars this year. Well first, they’re going to think that’s bogus and then second when they download it and realize that it is bogus.

They’re not going to trust you. Because there’s not an easy way a million dollars in a year. And so you have to make it realistic.

You have to make it high-quality, it has to be really good content for your viewer. Because otherwise, if it’s bad quality, why would they then purchase a product or service from you?

So you have to make sure that it’s high quality

The lead magnet should solve their problem

As we mentioned before you have to find problems that you can help solve for people and then build a lead magnet that is related to the most popular problem that your customers have.

So for my audience is mostly people who want to be their own boss, who wants to freelance who want to do, what they want to do for a living and while I have a lot of different subscribers.

And people who like my different type of content, my content related to video production, or photography my main problem-solving funnel strategy

The one that most people ask me for help with is how do I start my own business, how do I freelance how do I make money doing what I love and that’s what I’m passionate about myself.

And so that’s why my lead magnet is related to that.

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What is lead magnet funnel?

Lead magnet funnel map

A lead magnet funnel is similar to the other opt-in funnels, except you are actually giving away something in exchange for their email address. It may be a report or video, but it’s typically something tangible that they are exchanging their email address.

Lead magnet funnel has 2 page. There are the opt-in page and thank you page.

How to use lead magnet funnel to your business?

Author / speaker / coach / consultant… I’d use this funnel to give away a free ebook teaching something awesome in exchange for their email address.

E-commerce… I’d use this funnel to give away a coupon in exchange for an email address.

Business-to-Business… I’d use this funnel to give away a white-paper in exchange for contact information and personal follow-up.

Network or affiliate marketing… I’d use this funnel to give an info product teaching how your product can solve a specific problem.

Professional services… I’d use this funnel to give away a report in exchange for a name, email, and phone number.

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business… I’d use this funnel to give away a walk-in coupon in exchange for an email and phone number.

How to Create Lead Magnet Funnel In Clickfunnels

Clickfunnel free trial

Step 1: Start Trial 14 Day Clickfunnels.

After that, inside Clickfunnels dashboard. We’re click Add new => Start cookbook.

You can see, we have 2 choose. Start with cookbook builder process and Classic funnel builder. But I really recommend we nee choose Cookbook, because if you no have Idea for design the page, they will give you some template.

It’s so cool and all you need to do is pick what page design you like and modify it.

Clickfunnels dashboard

Step 2: Pick Your Funnel.

Of course, in this case, we learn to create lead magnet funnel. So we choose Lead magnet funnel in this section. Remember, you just have your lead magnet first (pdf, video, checklist,…)

Creating Lead magnet funnel with sales funnel cook book

Step 3: Pick page design you like

create lead magnet funnels - funnel secrets

Step 4: Modify the page

And now, we have a pretty design. So what we have to do now is fix that for your product. And we will Create your lead magnet page first.

Create Lead magnet funnels

Edit lead magnet page


lead magnet clickfunnels

Preview page design of lead magnet funnel


mobie review - funnel secrets

Preview with the mobile device

After Create Leadmagnet page funnel, we going to edit the next page

Sales funnel strategy - funnel secrets

Preview page design

Clickfunnel free trial


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