How to create sales funnel with Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels review 2018: How to create sales funnel with clickfunnels

Clickfunnels review 2018: How to create sales funnel with clickfunnels
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Clickfunnels is a software help you build the sales funnel. So today I will show you Clickfunels review and how to build sales funnel with that. The reason that this platform actually differentiates from some of the other platforms available today is that they allow you to build actual sales funnels that you can use inside your own online business. So some examples, maybe you want to collect email addresses to get people to download an e-book and build your email list. Maybe you’re looking to sell an online membership.

You can build the funnel where you bring people into a registration and you actually have a membership page, where you have videos that people can watch. And You could also set up something like a video or maybe you have free mini-course full of three to four videos and eventually, you pick them on a product. Click funnels has a whole series of different templates that you can actually use to build out these funnels and they make things a lot easier to just seamlessly get some of this stuff set up for you very quickly. So inside this blog what I’m going to do is actually walk you through a lot of the templates that are available.

I’m going to show you examples of some of the actual layouts of funnels you can build in that are pre-built into the quick funnels platform. Generally, I would say Clickfunnels is going to be one of the best platforms out there for building landing pages. But in terms of cost, it will be something that you’ll have to ultimately decide if it’s right for you and your business. You can check out that sales funnel software here and have a 14-day free trial. So you can go kind of give it a test run and see if it’s something you’d like to check out. Now I’m going to walk you through the Clickfunnels platform.


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How to create sales funnel with Clickfunnels

Why You Should Be Creating Your Own Sales Funnels

Before we start you just know why we need sales funnel. You can read my post about sales funnels meaning. In this case, I want to share with you about 7 phases of a lead.

7 phase of a lead by Russell Brunson

If you have been read Dotcom Secrets book before. You’ll know 7 phases of a lead is the process that converts visitor into the client. It’s about 7 step. Each step has been Creating by landing pages or other stuff. And when they come together that really powerful. I call that process is sales funnel. So you just get dotcom secrets book (it’s free) or join the funnel hack webinar to learn more about that.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a basic tool that you can use to build out. what I would like to consider funnels or sales pages. Anything that you really going to utilizing to start selling online delivering your products marketing them selling them.

Marketing funnel Strategy

They’re really kind of an all in one package.

They’re definitely one of the biggest contenders out there and they offer a few different solutions that I would say have some advantages over some of the other tools out there.

Now I do also have another platform called Thrive theme’s content Builder which is still currently my number one recommended platform in terms of pricing.

But if you’re really looking to get some of the extra features out of  Clickfunnels are going to be walking you through everything that you need to know.

And why you may want to choose Clickfunnels over thrive or maybe some of the other bigger competitors such as unbalanced lead pages optimized press those would be some of the bigger contenders in my opinion.

So let’s talk a little bit about Clickfunnels and exactly what it is.  If you head over to the Website.

This is a video talk about Clickfunnels and the reason why 90% company fail.

You’ll be able to go take a look at Clickfunnels. But basically, they do have a 14-day free trial. So you can check out their platform and use it for free.

For that first 14 days s. I do recommend doing that after you’ve gone through the post.If it’s something that you think you can use in your business.

Then this is ultimately going to be the best way to get started.

Clickfunnels Free trial

Clickfunnels Create by? and Why we choose that.

This platform was built by Russell Brunson.

He’s actually a very sort of famous in a way Internet marketer. He has been doing lots of stuff with sales funnels and really good at doing all kinds of things in the Internet marketing world and he ended up creating this software.

It’s really just sort of exploded here over the last couple of years.

So he’s basically kind of like a master at building these sales funnels and webinar funnels membership sections things like that.

He kind of covers on the main page like why this would be something that you would need in your business. I’m not going to read everything here but the idea that they’re really going after is that you’re trying to build out these specific funnels.

You can use to sell your products, versus some of these other platforms like lead pages or Thrive Content builder.

Many Sales funnel templates inside that

Sales funnel template - Clickfunnel software

They’re really more catered towards just building sort of template and pages that you can use for different things. And they’re not really necessarily giving you all the tools needed to build a full-on funnel.

Some of the things that would be advantaged over click funnels would be they include a lot of the stuff like

  • Website hosting.
  • It’s got a landing page editor built in.
  • Email autoresponder stuff built into the platform.
  • You can split test which I’ll be covering all of that.

clickfunnels review 2018

And there’s a bunch of other. Various features. So any comparison a lot of these other platforms you might be going out there. And getting started with a WordPress hosting solution.

And then you actually need to go pay for. You know things like that host you have to get WordPress installed on all that stuff you’d have to do with a lot of these other builders, lead pages,…

You wouldn’t necessarily need to do that. But I know with thriving you would lose some big sort of advantages to Clickfunnels. And I’ll be diving into some of those as we go through the blog.


clickfunnels cost

So basically they have a couple different Sign-Up options. You’ve got the $97/month or 297/month.

You’re generally looking at that 14-day free trial and after that trial ends, you’re then bumped up to the $97/month.

So this is definitely a little bit more of an expensive tool to get started with in terms of the monthly commitment you’d have to put in.

But it is something that you know there are reasons that you may want to go with this version. You know checking out some of these other platforms and we’ll be going over that.

So let’s dive in and also walk me through some of the features inside of Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels basic Vs Clickfunnels Suite

Basic version plan

clickfunnels examples


Full ClickFunnels Suite Plan

Full Suite Plan = backpack + Clickfunnels + Actionetics


clickfunnels backpack


Clickfunnels Vs Lead Pages Vs Thrive theme


Why you should consider Clickfunnels

I wanted to give those of you who have not tried out click funnels an opportunity to get a really amazing bonus. If you go and sign up Clickfunnels today.

So Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial there’s no obligation, you do not need to pay anything up front.

And of course, if you’re watching this blog it’s most likely I was covering a topic on Clickfunnels. I just wanted to give those of you who actually don’t have the Clickfunnels platform yet an opportunity to go sign up.

And get a very special unique bonus for me personally.

So if you want to get your trial started it. You can click here to get that sales funnel software.

That’s my unique link that will give me credit and this will allow you to get the bonus.

After start trial please contact with your email. I will send you the bonus

What’s the bonus?

  • Best $997 Affiliate training course :

Over 5 years of experience in this business and get your own high converting funnel to earn massive commission using this system. What’s better than using a proven formula instead of coming up with a new one?

This is a $997 training course we give away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing.

clickfunnels bootcamp


  • Top 22 Sales Funnel strategy template with high converting

clickfunnels competitors

  • 50 Facebook Templates (Value $30)

Instead of investing your own time and money on creating and testing Facebook ads, use what’s already working and proven. In this system, you’ll have access to my top converting Facebook Ads and the right to use them wherever you want.

Create High Converting FB Ads For Your Ecom Products In Seconds (without hiring expensive designers..)

Facebook ads template - marketing funnel

  • Done For You PLR Package (Value: $397)

Another challenge for a new internet marketer is the content required for marketing porpuses. My amazing PLR package will give you everything you need to publish on your websites and YouTube channels. That in one place to start a successful online business without creating new content.

You can use this package to provide extra content for your new subscribers. Or use it as a lead magnet to build your email list and establish a great relationship with your list.

This PLR package is built by me. So the content inside it is original and only being used by me and my students.

PLR - content marketing

  • Simple Traffic Solution MindMap (Value: $47)

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Of course, This Mindmap is built by me. Meaning that the content inside it is original and only being used by me and my students.

traffic solution mindmap

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