Clickbank for beginners: How to make money online with clickbank (part 2)

Clickbank for beginners 2017: How to make money online with clickbank (part 2)

Clickbank for beginners 2017: How to make money online with clickbank (part 2)
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hey everyone Key here welcome to my blog with seriers clickbank for beginners: How to make money with clickbank (part 2). In this section I’m going to talk about  my biggest traffic source.

They seem that  is making me a lot of  money on clickbank book and other places in general.

That is something that you’re standing  in front of  it right now.


Are you want a SHORTCUT: Low traffic or conversions are symptoms of a much greater problem that's a little harder to see (that's the bad news), but a lot easier to fix( that a good news). Inside you will find the actual playbook has been created after running thousands of tests and perfecting what works online. you now have access to all of the processes, funnels and scripts that many success companies use to scale companies online.

Clickbank for beginners 2017 How to make money online with clickbank (part 2)

Clickbank for beginners 2017 – Youtube

Let me talk about YouTube and let me tell you why it’s. And I have a post talk about youtube before that call How to do affiliate marketing – How to make $200 per day without website so you can read this, it’s so cool. To day, I would like talk about youtube again. let me tell you why it’s really important .

My first Commission that was from youtube. It’s absolutely powerful and I  don’t

like to talk  about you know making  money online fast. That kind  of stuff because I’ve mentioned this like hundreds of  times that it’s really not possible to make money  online fast.


YouTube is  the fastest way to make a commission online. Because video is

  • Absolutely powerful, and if you know what you need to do to make a video – good video.
  • If you know what you need to do to make a  good video, all you  gotta do is  just upload your video and sit back watch the Commission’s or watch the community Commission’s coming.

So  that’s how powerful YouTube?

I’ll talk about youtube and explain how you can actually get traffic from youtube. But before we get there let me talk about  something absolutely excited. Because I’m gonna  talk about this. I just did there’s a huge small  comes to my face I’ve been working on something really big for  the past two weeks .

I’ve been busy working  on something, I’m just excited that I finally  got a chance to put this together  and it’s absolutely  amazing it’s about Clickbank okay.

It’s absolutely amazing  and it’s coming together, it’s not finished yet. But I’m  excited because  it’s going to change everything about  Clickbank, change my business.

So if you  want to learn more about it click here to check out the book. It’s can change everything your business.

Come back, this is youtube.

How you can actually create a cool video

let me talk  about YouTube and how you can actually create a cool video that  is going to get you sales. I mean when it comes to YouTube. I have like hours and  hours.

Explanation when it comes to choosing the right  video. How to actually promote your videos and have to optimize and everything. but I’m going to put it  in a couple of minutes as because again.

I don’t want to make  a video that is like two hours long. So the way this works is you basically have to:

_ first need to see what kind of videos you have to make . This is how I do it.

For example I’m promoting a product about weight loss. so I’m gonna search on YouTube “how to lose weight”.

Clickbank for beginners 2017 How to make money online with clickbank (part 2)

Now,  the reason I’m doing this  because I wanna  see two things :

  • what kind of people  are uploading videos.
  • I want to find a couple of good titles

This is one of the ways  that actually find  catchy titles because top ranking people on YouTube. Let’s see top 5 and top 10. There’s a reason probably the ranking.

I mean, if we don’t consider views millions of views they have. We’re not looking to  get a couple of thousand a day right. 

So something you  want to choose you want to get from  them is their thumbnail. 

 obviously don’t want to copy the exact thumbnail. But you want  to get an idea of  their thumbnail.

This is something I usually look.  I’m trying  to make a video  about anything. Like I see what kind of  thumbnails and my top competitors are using and what kind of other  like: headlines and things . So when I get a good  idea of what I want to make you know what is the video subject .

 Example “How to lose weight in 4 easy steps”. Or “30lazy  life hacks to weight…”

That actually work that’s a good. Okay and I think that’s a really good headline. This is the idea and  then what I do:

 Either I create the video myself  in this case I cannot. Because  it’s just not  only not my area.

so what I do is I go to Fiverr and find someone do a testimonial for me. I usually  write the script myself and then I go to Fiverr and search for testimonial and in this  case I’m afraid to us.

I usually choose a girl because that’s it just goes very well with this kind of stuff.

After that I’ll just send  the script  and get a video probably a one minute or two minute video.  It’s going to  cost probably $5 or more. 

But I’m gonna make that money back pretty fast because I’m not worried about that.

And  you shouldn’t be scared from  spending money investing money on your business. Because it’s you have to invest money obviously to make money.

This  is one of  your investments you know. Make investing money on your video.

So that’s how you did  that’s a really quick. If you have like of thousand  different  things when it comes to YouTube videos. But  that’s just like the fastest way I could.  Just explain it without making this video too long.

After this I’m just going to get the  pretty cooll thumbnail and then I’m just going to write a cool headline.

That I already have here  and then I’m just going to upload, put my link  and start making some sales.

So as I said there’s a  lot more to a  YouTube videos. But I’m just  trying to make it really simple. 

Here so let  me know if you have any questions, you can comment below I’ll try to anwser that. So if you like this, share it to your friends and bookmark my website to get more tips in future.


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