How to make money with clickbank for beginners 2017

How to make money with clickbank for beginners 2017

How to make money with clickbank for beginners 2017
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Hello everyone showing us here welcome to my blog. I’m absolutely excited to have you on board and thank you for joining this. So in this post, I’m going to teach you something about how to make money with clickbank for beginners. That is going to really change the way you look into Clickbank.Because right now what you’re trying to do is try to make some commissions. Right? But I’m going to teach you something that is just going to make you to see the bigger picture and how to not just make one commission but make hundreds of commissions every single day.

I’m going to show you an example of it. And I’m not just going to tell you to do this to that now. So I’m going to show you an actual real-life example of that. Let’s get into it so let me tell you something in order for you as a starter to make commissions on Clickbank. You need to answer a very very important question .

If you answer you’re going to make a lot of money okay. But if you don’t answer you’re not going to make a single cent.


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Now let me explain because this is really important. This question is going to it’s difference between you making hundreds of commissions, and not making any commissions. And this is what it actually took my clicking business from making nothing to over five thousand dollars a week. Now it took me nine months to make my first Commission back then about 2 years ago.

When I started and I don’t want the same thing happen to you. That’s why you need to read right now.

How to make money with clickbank for beginners 2017

How to make money with clickbank for beginners 2017

Answer the question if you want make money with clickbank

The first question is why someone should buy from you? .

I know, we know a bunch of simple stuff about internet marketer. Get traffic Center to your offer you’re going to make money that is not true. Because it’s not going to work I’m going to talk about traffic to in next time. There is like a huge misunderstanding.

You’re here to start a business, make money – Not going to hope anything

When it comes to traffic and a lot of people say hey I’m  sending traffic to my website but I’m not making money. we’ll talk about that but you need to understand that if you want to make a sell on quickly. Any affiliate marketing any affiliate marketing network or any product that you’re selling need to answer.

Why that person has to buy a  product from you? Or why shouldn’t they buy it from someone who has a huge website or you know some very well-known   internet marketer.

Why did you buy from  your link?

I mean yes, of course you can  go out and drop your affiliate marketing   link somewhere and hope to make some   commissions. But you’re not here to hope   right?

You’re here to start a business   and take a control through your own life.  You’re not going to hope anything. And you   want to make money. So why someone should   buy from you?

That’s a question you need to answer. Because as over you  need to put yourself in true of your customers. You know your visitors  why does should buy from you? what are  you offering?

And this is what I’m going to show you right now.

Two things that you offer that is going to change your business. 

It’s going to take you   from beginner to expert  affiliate marketer, super affiliate marketer. that  what I’m   going to show you right now. It’s going   to put you ten steps ahead of every  single affiliate marketer out there.

The first thing that is going to change everything for you is extra value.

 Ok, let me show you what is extra value. what’s extra value? Let’s say

  • I want   to buy something from you
  • A product that you’re selling like a big  loss product right
  • I want  to buy from you what should. I buy it   from you because you are giving me a  bonus

What’s the bonus is ?

it’s A ebook, it’s an extra ebook

 whateverm  I mean again it comes to bonus okay. It’s scary right? Because you have to create your bonus right now and   you’re gonna like me.

I don’t want to   spend time to create my bonus. I don’t want to spend hours or even days to write a 10 page – 20 page ebook that’s just too much work.

yes absolutely that’s too much work and you don’t want to do  that and I’m going to show you exactly   in future how you can they do this.

Create your own bonus really good valuable

You   have to create your own bonus, a really   good valuable bonus without actually  doing anything.It’s you’re just going to  get it really from somewhere. Else it’s  absolutely amazing. I’m going to talk   about that in future.

So it the first  point of sell the first thing you need  to offer, really stand out is   providing extra value. That’s extra bonus.  Let’s say you provide extra training.  Tell them hey if you buy this  from me I’m going to give you extra   training or if you buy this is going to come with my  special bonus it’s $2000  worth of   training.

Something like that.

So if you provide extra training extra value. That’s a big selling point. that’s going to convince people to buy from you  If your bonus is not valuable, if your bonus is really and not helpful, if it’s not reall valuable,  if  say:

“Hey I’m going to give you an   extra bonus and just have some ebooks or   some video ready in case”

Someone buys it   from you and give that video to them, give that ebook to them – that extra bonus, extra value. They’re going to buy it from  all day long again.

I’m going to show you   an example right now.But let’s just keep   that in mind okay

Providing great experience.

That   is by you telling them:” hey if you buy, this is going to come with my  coaching”  or “if you buy this I’m   going to help you to make this happen”

For example: if it’s a weight-loss room.”hey I’m gonna call you and tell  you how do that.”

Let me tell   you something about this. if this is  another scary part because a lot of   people might say:

  • hey I don’t want to call someone
  • I don’t want to coach someone
  • I don’t even know  about the subject myself how would I coach someone I don’t have.

Again this is  like the extra value, just have some  content ready like this, and that’s all  you didn’t like. Let me tell something  99% of people like one out of not  even ninety-nine. But like not one out of thousand people are going to just tell  you: “hey coach me” or do this, do whatever  you promised here. No one’s going to come to you and tell you hey coach me  something like that.

So the second one again is creating an extra a great  experience.

An experience that people are gonna, the people are going to like. Because it’s not just about buying product, it’s about getting extra value  and having a great experience with the  product. So it’s like a guarantee right?

It’s like you guarantee that they’re   going to if this product is going to work for them. So that’s why it’s very   important to choose a good product obviously.

The conclusion

Everybody so I hope   you learned some awesome stuff today. And  it’s okay if you don’t know how to  implement this stuff, because in next post I’m going to explain exactly how  you can implement, and you know how to  create this extra value this bonus or you know provide a great experience without you even you know going out and creating your videos or you know writing   ebooks or anything like that because you   don’t have to put that much work in this.

 I’m going to show you exactly how to do  this and how to give this to them on  autopilot. So you don’t have to go and   you know contact everyone who bought a  product from you and kip this to them. It’s everything’s going to  be autopilot then awesome alright.

Again we’re going to talk about this. We’re going to continue this in future next post is going to be about   traffic and how to get traffic but more  importantly. It really big misunderstanding. When it comes to traffic and because as I said a lot of  people say hey Key I’ve been on a  BOTS from traffic or got some free  traffic. I sent traffic to my offer but  no one is blinded.

Why I’m gonna tell you  there’s I’m going to tell talk about a really big misunderstanding my traffic and what people don’t make any money. Even when they have a really great offer  and you know a great traffic you know a highly targeted traffic.

I’m going to tell you why people don’t make that sell  all right. I hope to see you in the next post and have a great day.


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