How to do affiliate marketing - how to make $200 per day without website

How to do affiliate marketing – how to make $200 per day without website

How to do affiliate marketing – how to make $200 per day without website
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Affiliate marketing is very popular in the world. And that help many people get too much money. You not only can do it on free time. But also doesn’t require a product and more investment. 

However how to make money with Affiliate? This is a big question with beginners. So today I will share a strategy help you make about $200 per day without a website.

The first I want to say:”This post I write for beginners, it’s not for pro and this is just a strategy that I have implemented and implemented. Therefore, I am not responsible for the content of this article.”


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Second  I know you used to know this way somewhere and there are a lot of people who share that. But in this post, I will show you step by step exactly how to do it.

Finally, you can see the article too long. So you just bookmark this page to read and see it as a tutorial when you do.

Ok, let’s go.

Affiliate marketing without website – Secrets strategy

Now we going to do it. Well, when you want to buy something…what did you do first?

Yes, you’ll go to google and type product + review or product + pricing, right? Me too.

just remember:“Customer never buy anything in the first time”. They will ask their friends, search review on google or maybe ask somewhere on the forum. And of course, they maybe saw the review on Youtube.

Yes, youtube is the popular social media about videos. It’s  over 1 billion users on youtube (not include people who watch video but they don’t register account)

you can visit to read more detail

That a reason why youtube open many opportunities for you, for me, for everyone.

“Wait…Wait I have been hearing that somewhere and I try to do it but it’s very hard. So high competition. More…and more..”

Ok Ok…

Calm down today I’ll show you 2 method step by step. I think it’s can help you very very much. I’ll show you how to do affiliate marketing with youtube include Free traffic and paid traffic.

How to do Affiliate marketing on youtube with Free traffic.

Ok with free traffic. I will help you find good keywords research, how to build the content of videos, how to create video and upload on youtube. And how to SEO video to get more traffic.

Are you ready?


How to find keywords for SEO – Keywords research tool

Ok, now we’ll go to learn more how to find keywords for SEO, find best keywords for SEO.

Remember: “find keywords very important”

Now let me show you step by step how do I find the keywords first.

Example: I want to sell “iPhone 8” ok iPhone 8 is very cool.

The first I would like to know my niche, my product is potential or not? I go to this is a website of google that will show me about something.

You can see it is increasing because iPhone 8 not yet released when I write this post. Another iPhone 8 may be released on end of the year.

Next Step we are going to know how many avg monthly search with iPhone 8 right?

So we can go to keyword planner tools and write “iPhone 8” we can see


Wow, 1M – 10M haha so cool. But the 1 thing I want you to know: Competition column write “Low” that’s mean low competition for ads. It’s important when you advertise with Google Adword.

It does not mean that this keyword is easy to SEO. Remember that very important.

Now we are searching on google to see how many results?


You can see over 300.000.000 results. That’s why we will not compete with this keyword. And over 10 million with video.

So High right?

How to do affiliate marketing - how to make $200 per day without website


After that, I would like to know exactly how many results are there using “iPhone 8” on the title.

You can type Allintitle:” keyword research”.

Now I search Allintitle:”iPhone 8″

How to do affiliate marketing - how to make $200 per day without website 5


Bump.. Now only 198000 results include “iPhone 8”  in the title. Less than the previous results but still too competitive. And 1.120.000 with the website.

The Secrets formula to find long tail keywords

The secrets here. I will help you find long tail keywords step by step. Well..trial scroll down to see what can we do something?

There are popular research that many people can search on google or finding. Save all of them to document or word or excel…

After that we passed it on keyword planner.

All of them have good research, right?

One more again I copy and passed it with Allintitle. Example I try copy iPhone 8 release date 2017

Important you should search all of them to get more detail.

Now only 329 results with 100k-M avg research/moth. And 196 with videos

That’s cool?

However, it is still too much. You also can’t compete if you are a beginner. What can we do?

yes, we need long tail keyword – a longer keyword. We need some idea.

Next, let’s go to get some idea. It’s searching iphone 8 release date 2017

Repeat the above operation I copy on keyword planner to see avg monthly searches and search it on google.


Wow, only 4 results with video. This is opportunities for you and me. Let’s do it with your product you can find good keyword for SEO

What is plan and worksheet to find keyword research

First: search keyword or niche on google trends

Second: Search on keyword planner to know Avg monthly search/month

third: For each keyword search it on google with formula Allintitle:”keyword” to see how many results

fourth Using to get more idea

finally: Repeat from step 2 – step 5 until find the good keywords (have some research per month and few results on google.

Affiliate marketing – how to build the content of videos

The one thing very important. The customer never buys the product the first times and they don’t want to be sold. So I think you should give away value about your niche.

If you sell weighloss product. You need give away about tips, tutorial help them about: How to weight loss at home,  how to cook some dish to lose weight or any something like this.

And you can create it to video.

Remember: Don’t focus on selling your product, You just focus on build relationship.

As such, the content to create the video will not be limited.

How to create the video for Affiliate marketing?

There are two way to do this.

First, you can stand in front of the camera and recording or live stream.

Or you can create video Animation. You can create it by Camtasia, video maker Fx or Explanio or any same thing like this.

The video below has been created by Explanio and Video maker Fx.

You can see that to get some idea.


Video created by Videomaker Fx


Or you can create by Camtasia

How to do Affiliate marketing with Youtube by paid Traffic

Hey I have no times

I don’t want to create video per day

I have no idea

SEO video on youtube too long. I want to make money fast.



Now I will show you how to do affiliate marketing with youtube by paid traffic.

  • advantages: get results right away (about 1 week), No need more times, no need create the video.
  • disadvantages: need more money for testing.

Method overview:

This method is very simple:

  • Search for youtube videos with a lot of traffic (I’ll tell you down here)
  • Contact the video owner and suggest that they insert your affiliate link into the description and you pay them some money.

that’s all… very simple!

In less than 10 minutes, you can create an extremely reliable source of traffic. It does not take too much effort. This must say is very … very smart method.

How much do you pay for a video owner?

Depending on the niche of your business and video content.

it’s about $15 – 25$ ( one-time payment or per week)

Imagine having a child who has such a video but does not know anything about internet marketing. And you pay him $ 20 to put your affiliate link in the description of the video.

Some video owners are smarter and want you to pay a monthly fee. That is also true and worth the investment if you have a source of passive income from those videos.

Ok … if you are interested in this method, let’s go step by step in this process.

Find/identify trends (Video with high traffic)

There are several ways to find such videos.

First, YouTube’s Trend Dashboard:


Using Trends Dashboard you can see trending videos of the day and featured on YouTube.

Some videos are designed by channel for commercial purposes, but many videos from Youtube users they upload and catch the attention of the community.

These are the objects that you are interested in.

Another approach is that you can access “Popular on Youtube” via link:


Lots of videos you can see here.

So what’re videos attract the most traffic?

Below is a list of the most engaging videos:

  1. Music
  2. Traller
  3. Magic tricks
  4. Viral/event/funny video
  5. Pet video

Always remember that all of the above video categories can help you make money.

Contact the video owner and negotiate

Two things important before contact with them:

  • Never choose video about marketing or make money online,…
  • Video interesting, more view and there are no links in the description.

Please contact the video author by:

  1. Click on channel name below the video
  2. Inside the channel click on ” About”
  3. Send Messenger


Hello [owner video name]

I found your video: [Link video]

And I really interesting about that. I would like to offer you to make some money.

Very simple, I will send you a link and you add it into the description of video. After that

I’ll send you $20  through PayPal. Let’s me know if you’re interesting

Have a nice day.


[Your name]

Yes you can write message like that. But you need change something to suit better.

Very simple right?

While waiting for a reply we will find and contact other videos.

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