Affiliate marketing sales funnel: Make $200 per day from clickbank

Affiliate marketing sales funnel: Make $200 per day from clickbank

Affiliate marketing sales funnel: Make $200 per day from clickbank
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Hi guys, Key here and in this section I will help you how to make $200 per day from clickbank without website. That call Affiliate marketing sales funnel. So you can read my post What is sales funnel ? – Increase conversion with marketing Funnel if you never hear about sales funnel before.

If you don’t have any experience  , you don’t know anything  about affiliate marketing i’ts no problem. You just follow and action. Today, I will show you another way. I’m going to talk about the way that really you haven’t seen because  I know that a lot you are starting up. And if you’re  starting up,  you’re not going to have the time.

Because I know that you probably have a day job, you can do busy with your  life. So you’ll have a ton of time to spent on Clickbank to figured out . Or you don’t have  a ton of money to spend on advertising and  all that stuff . I know that’s stuff and  that’s why this is  really different type of   you know the clickbank strategy, and it’s a different way of doing  it. So let get start.


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Affiliate marketing sales funnel Make $200 per day from clickbank

Affiliate marketing sales funnel – The fact

When you start you’re  going to have a couple  of issues.

The first one  is going to be you know the fact that you have to build a business. If you want to make money from Clickbank you have to build a business.

If you want to make money from Clickbank you have to build a business.

It’s not like you can just send traffic to some page and put affiliate link can make money.


There’s  a process you have to build something to make it happen. There’s a bunch of steps and we’re going to go over it.

I’m going to show you the funnel and everything but there is process, there’s a sales process.

It’s not  going to happen like immediately so keep that in mind.When you start, obviously don’t know how to do, how to build these things. You  don’t know how to create the opt-in pages, squeeze pages.

You don’t know how to build pre-sell pages and then you don’t know  how to transition. Do the transition from the presell, from like original called traffic to the presell and from pre-sell to the sales page.

There is a lot of complications.

Ex: A lot of people  send traffic  to a pre-sell page. presell pages in case you don’t know what’s the pre-sell page.

What’s  the pre-sell page?

A pre-sell page is this page where you send someone to teach them more about a product, or how this  product is going  to change your life before selling something to them.

Ex: if it’s a weightloss product in that pre-sell page you talked about how different they’re going to look. How this  product is going to change their daily life. And how this  whole thing is going to change  their life.

You  talk about that stuff and then you bring the product slowly. So that’s a Pre-sell page.

You get them ready for offer. There’s a lot of complications and many things can go wrong when you’re building a funnel by yourself.

What If I can’t building funnel by myself?

If you don’t know anything about  marketing or if you  don’t know how it works. That gets a thousand times more complicated. So that’s going to be one of your biggest problem.

That’s one of the reasons that people fail in internet marketing and making money.

not just clickbank.

But a lot of different affiliate networks, any doesn’t matter what kind of product you promote from what the free networks, you’re going to have this issue.

If you’re starting up your don’t know how to build this business. That is going to actually make you this commission.

So that’s the issue.

What you need to do when start affiliate marketing sales funnel

What you need to do is you need to start from easy because what you need

to do into is start from somewhere you can actually earn some commissions. You need to have that cash coming in.

And then after you have that cash coming in you can start building these things by yourself.

You can start building opt-in pages, pre-sell page. When you get there first of all, when you have the money you can spend more time you have.

So you need to first of all make some cash, make some money as soom as possible and then get into some better stuff and again building your own lists.

Getting to building your funnels sales page and all of that stuff.

So the way I usually recommend you is start by using someone else’s funnel. And in this case I mean  I don’t promote someone else’s product usually.

I don’t usually promote someone is this product, unless it’s a good product.

So in this case you can serve with CB passive income.

Actually have their membership and I’m making money with this too on my own clickbank.

What they do with CB passive income is that they take your affiliate link and they promote it throughout of you send the traffic to the whole landing page, the whole funnels, and everything is done for you.

CB passive income

And also they have live question-and-answer and all that stuff. It’s pretty much done for you you.

  • You Don’t have to build the landing pages.
  • Don’t have to build those offers you
  • Don’t have to test these languages you
  • Have to swing your time and money to test these landing pages , test these funnels and test the email…

What doesn’t work as pre sale pages it’s all done for you and that’s a really cool and beautiful part of this whole program that really enjoying.

Again if you want to start and if you if you want to start getting to make some cash as fast, as possible so you can go out and build other things.

this is where CB passive income in. Click here to join CB passive incomes

This is where you stored and the cool thing about this is that it gives you the training you need. It’s not just a  system, it’s not just the funnel or the landing pages or email system it also has a training.

So you’re also going to get the training and you’re going to  get the training and you’re going to  learn everything.

There is to know about  it also these are the live webinars and all that stuff so it’s all done for you in there.

So if you’re starting up, if you want to make some money as fast as possible click here

this is the way to store.

and now let’s get into more advanced

Email marketing

Now it’s time for you to build your business, let’s get into things. I’m going to talk about actually all right.

The first thing we need as an affiliate is a couple of tools to build your business the first one is the email marketing.

It’s going to like to automate your  process of you  when selling and sending emails. So in this case we’re using  getresponse where I use a multiple software’s Infusionsoft and different purposes.

But if  you’re starting up getresponse is the best and cheapest option because Infusionsoft is going to cost you 290 dollars a month.

It depends on what time contract it gets. But getresponse is cheap when you start and it’s really easy to use.

So getresponse is the email marketing software it’s going to help allow you to send

follow-ups and build your lists.

Sales funnel software

Another software you going to need is Clickfunnels. basically what you’re going to do it. This software is going to allow you to  build landing page, sales funnel easily.

Example: You can visit The page has been create by clickfunnels. They have many template and you only fix that.

I will create landing page by clickfunnels to get Email. After that inside getresponse I’m going to be able to send emails automatically every single day.

So it’s a really cool.

It’s really powerful so Clickfunnels and getresponse are the software that you’re going to use together to build your business after you start making money using to the CB passive incomes.

Again you want to  make someone as fast as possible. So you get cash and then you can send more time on your business to build it using clickfunnels.

How to build the business with sales funnel? – basic funnels

Now let’s talk about actually how you build this business with sales funnel. So I’m going to show you the map here. This is how you do start building it.

Let me show you how this process works because it’s really important for you to understand.

Pre-sell funnel

Op-in page

So it starts with an opt-in page this is a page I Give away something. If you want to get that you need give me email and it’s an optic-page okay.

pre-sell page

And then the sends people to a training or pre-sell page this is where you talk about the product and how it’s going to change your life.

for example if it’s a cooking. As you know if it’s a cooking book you’re going to

explain how this cooking ebook is going to change your daily life. what kind of problems it’s going to solve in their life and all that stuff.

and then you bring in the product okay so you talk about the product this is

the book that we’re talking about. So you’re bringing the product again sowing is another complicated.

And really advanced thing and you got to learn about it. I learned about it by

doing it. But you can do some more research about it on the internet.

That it’s not that hard when you understand what you’re doing, but at the

beginnings you have to learn this okay.

May be I create more post in the future and talking about this. So make sure bookmark my website if you want to learn more free.

sales page

After pre-sale you all obviously send into sales page this is where you make your

money right, and  this is something that usually in most of the affiliate marketing sales funnel.

This is where everything else, but in my case I do something extra that really kills it on my funnel.

So it really like makes the most of every subscriber that I get and that is live automated webinars.

In some products example: my niche is internet marketing when it comes to marketing, I can do the live automated webinar.

Now you can join FREE webinar case study: weird niche funnel making $17,947 of my friends Russell brunson.

But if I’m promoting a product about weight loss it doesn’t apply to me. So I pay someone else to do the voice over and I put the slide show over.

This is going to it’s going to be an automated level awesome is that. So again it’s there are multiple ways to create these things. If you can do it yourself to it if you cannot you  just pay someone else do it for you.

So this lot of automated webinar it’s just one video repeating over and over and it’s really powerful because it’s live.

And if you get enough people to the funnel there’s going to be live chat, where people are actually chat with each  other which makes it even more real. This is a live automate webinar and you need to create live automated webinar.

The live automated webinar does the same thing it sends people to the sales page. So it’s not a really complicated funnel, it’s not there’s nothing really crazy about this but you have to learn to do this right.

Make sure you create your opt-in pages as good as possible  like just spend time you’ve got to learn how to build use good colors. I usually use black or blue when create opt-in page.

If you have a results with that product, if it’s a product that you use talk about home ownership experience that’s really important powerful works really good and sales page  and live automated webinars talk more.

Like maybe  sure what’s inside the product in that automated webinar it works really really good.

Ater that sends people to the sales page again. So that’s how this whole thing works alright.

In the next post I’m going to talk on more and more like details when it comes to building your own funnels.

How to increase the value, how to help people are going to actually buy from you and you only.

Because as an affiliate you’re going to have a lot of competition when it comes to promoting a product.

You need to stand out when it comes to promoting products alright. It’s really really important and we’re going to talk about a lot of other more details when it comes to building your funnels.

Thanks so much for come to my website. You can click to the right banner to join free webinar and you can join clickbank passive incomes here.

If you like sales funnel and you want the shortcut you can get FREE dotcomsecrets book here. See you soon.

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